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53 thoughts on “Wild Wicked Scot ARC Giveaway

  1. I love most is that is a different setting. It makes me feel as I am reading like l there and the time is good because you get your mind in a different time setting.. The historical seems to be more descriptive. Talk is different and a little hard to understand.

  2. I love reading historical romance because it takes me backnto a time whereyiu dressed up for everything. There were rules and you have the hero/heroine who did not want to follow the rules and be something other than what they were suppose to be. It is a romantic time period

  3. Although going back into history is not always a kinder, gentler world; it seems to be a safe place to journey to escape from the harsh realities of today. Reading romance guarantees you a happy ending. That’s all we want. The adventure of a love story set in the past appeals to those of us who don’t have adventure in our everyday lives.

  4. It’s a great way to escape the concerns of my actual life, and pretend I’m a fly on the wall in another person’s reality.

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  5. I love the research done on a place I can’t go. I love that they are treated like ladies. The men treat them with a strong sense of right and wrong

  6. If the story is great and the characters fantastic, it can take me into a whole new world where nothing else exists except the book I’m currently reading!

  7. I’m brand new to the genre and I’m already hooked! I love your contemporary books so I’m really excited about your historical romances! Thanks for the chance! Oh, and I’m a big fan of your bad jokes! 😎

  8. I like feeling as if I’m in a more elegant time period. People in historical romances aren’t distracted by electronic devices nor do they ignore the ones they are with without a legitimate reason. Games are not played with people’s feelings just because someone can do that. Historical romances have men that are gentlemen, even when they’re a rogue, and the women are ladies, even when they’re strong enough without a man to lean on. I like how historical romances make me feel.

  9. Reading about the past and imagining yourself being there. Your imagination takes you right there. I grew up in New Orleans and as a young girl visited the plantation house, the Beauregard House, many many times. It was within walking distance of my home. The women were always dressed in period costume. Reading historical brings back these memories.

  10. I love the interaction between the characters. The build up to climatic and sexy scenes. It takes me to another place and time. I just lose my self that I can picture myself in the scene.

  11. I enjoy reading historical romance b/c it gives me a chance to see how things were done in a different time (i.e. maintaining a household)

  12. What I love best about reading historical romances is the build up to the sexy stuff. There seems to be more manners, etiquette, suspense etc in historicals. I kinda fell in love with them. And I do love the sexy stuff 😉

  13. I find myself living through the characters. I see and experience the castles, gowns and hunky highlanders with their delicious brogue in my ear <3

  14. I love reading historical romances because it gives me a glimpse of what it was like to live back then. I love the escape into another time and place.

  15. As I love to travel Europe and see the castles (in ruins, of course), it’s fun to imagine one of them as the setting for the historical romance I’m reading at the time.

  16. I love the fact that by reading historicals you go back in time. Imagining the clothing, the people, the atmosphere is wonderful.

  17. I love historical romance for the escape. I have four kids, sometimes you need to get away for a while lol!

  18. Being taken back in time to a wonderful exciting place! The dresses, scenery, landscape, time period, I can get so lost in a different era.

  19. It’s difficult to decide what I like best about historical romance. I love reading about the way people lived; I love reading about men and women who had to deal with often hard living conditions but yet made it through without whimpering about it; and I love reading about Alpha males–and what decent hero in an historical isn’t an Alpha male. What’s not to love?

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  20. There’s just something super magical about being transported to romance in the past between Laird’s of the land and the ladies that capture their attention. 🙂

  21. I love feeling like a fly on the wall in a culture totally unfamiliar to me – it’s fun!

  22. I love reading about the beautiful gowns and the balls. The society rules and how to manipulate them so you get to love and live the way you want. I love the English setting and journeys through Scott land and th highlands. Rogues, jewels, and secrets!

  23. I love reading historical romance because it is a vacation to a different time and place. I can’t visit Regency England, Medieval Scotland, or France but I can enjoy a take from there!

  24. I am a bit of a history buff. Adding romance to the history enhances my enjoyment exponentially. And, I am assured of a positive ending.

  25. I love the clothes and balls! And how just using someone’s first name has more meaning than it does today. Or touching someone’s hand without a glove, skin to skin, could be just as powerful as a sultry stare <3

  26. I just enjoy reading about the either quick connection or somewhat longer time it takes two to connect. Also just plain relaxing to read about someones life they are living other than your own.

  27. I love being transported back into time in the comfort of my own home! As much as I love the idea of the past, I like the comfort I have of being alive today 😁

  28. They are so much fun!

    I get so lost in the story.

    I fall in love with these books

    I love your books!!!!!!! You are my #1 Author 🙂 Thank You!!!

  29. I just love that time period. All the lords and ladies. Dressed up and proper, sometimes improper. It is one of the only genres I read. I love being transported back in time.