Year End Giveaway!

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308 thoughts on “Year End Giveaway!

  1. I’d go with the Highland Grooms, tho I do already have a few of the books. Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of another year.

  2. Julia, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your time offline. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2019.

  3. Everything looks amazing! I’d love the chance to win! And pugs? Omg how freaking adorable!!!!!

  4. I love both, but my heart goes pitty pat for those Highlanders! The Highland Grooms Series please.

  5. I would love to have the Cabot Sisters Series! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  6. I would love the Highland Grooms series! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Would love the complete Highland Grooms series! Over the years, I have enjoyed so many books by Julia London and look forward to years to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Enjoy your break and respite over the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday as well. Thank you for your wonderful books.

  9. I would love to win the Highland Grooms series! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Have a great Christmas holiday!

    The Highland Grooms series.

  11. That is so nice that this one benefits the Austin Pug Rescue i would love to win that one if not avail i would love the Cabot Sisters and thank you for the chance!

  12. Enjoy your time off. Hope you get alot done, and your pup gets lots of belly rubs. Happy Holidays

  13. I would absolutely love to win anything from you but especially your Highland Groom series. It’s my favorite. While I have read almost half of them I got them by kindle or the local library so it would be awesome to have them in hand to read and re-read! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Thank you for what you do for us readers. I’m 70 years old and wonder how you think about the story lines and how you come up with all this GREAT reading. GOSH you are good. You definitely need a break, ENJOY and I’ll be waiting for your new books.

  15. Love those pugs! My daughter’s best friend has an adorable pug named Maisie. Enjoy your social media break. Merry Christmas!

  16. Have a great break!!!!
    I do know the feeling…I look at Facebook once a week, that’s enough for me.

  17. Thank you for the wonderful contest!! Looking forward to reading the Cabot Sisters!! Enjoy the Holidays, and give your brain a well-deserved rest!!

  18. I don’t blame you for the social media break. I only go on Facebook when forced to, like for a giveaway or to say Happy Birthday, then log off. Happy Holidays!

  19. I love Julia London books and just bought the ebook for the 6th in the Highland Grooms series. Anxious to start reading it. I love all the Scots books and can imagine them in their kilts with their very masculine physiques! Unusual plots from the genre keeps my interest. Great year end giveaway!

  20. I’d love to win the Highland Grooms Series. Thank you so much for the chance!
    Happy Holidays!

  21. I would choose the Highland Grooms – I have or read the Cabot Sister’s. This is a great prize.

  22. Wishing you a very happy remainder of 2018, and a most wonderful, happy, and healthy 2019.

  23. Thanks for the chance. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. See you in the new year!

  24. Have a wonderful break! And have Happy Holidays too.

    The Cabot Sister series would be wonderful.

  25. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway opportunity! And I just wanted to say that I hope that your social media detox, and focused family and ‘me’ time helps refill your creative well! I am always in awe of people that know when it’s time to do that and then take that time to do it. You’re an inspiration! And I can’t wait to see what you come up with and release next year!

  26. Iโ€™d love to win a calendar, a book bag, and something to read. Thank you for the chance!

  27. Wow. I’d love a set of your Highland Grooms! Happy Holidays, Julia! ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๐Ÿ’‹

  28. (I donโ€™t see my post, so I am trying again.)

    Iโ€™d love to win the Highland Grooms. Thank you.

    Enjoy your โ€œrefillingโ€ time. happy Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  29. If I win, I would love the Austin Pug Rescue package. Thank you for holding this giveaway!!

  30. Oh lordy! I seriously love any real charities. That made this an even more difficult decision. The Cabot Sisters just keep screaming my name so I can’t walk away from the chance. Thank you for your generosity and awesomeness!

  31. Enjoy the rest of 2018 and your down time.
    I have both sets of books, so I’d love that calendar! Thanks for the chance.

  32. Great choices for prizes. HAve a Happy Thanksgiving. I would like the Cabot sisters prize pack.

  33. Would love to win the Cabot Sisters Series!! Thanks for the chance!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

  34. Love the Highland Groom series. Would be great to win this set. Thanks so much. Have a restful Thanksgiving and Christmas. โค๏ธ

  35. Happy Holidays Julia! Enjoy! My fingers are crossed because the Highland Grooms Series is calling my name.

  36. I love the Lake Haven Series. The stories are adorable. More, please! I’d love the Highland Grooms series.

  37. Would love any of these swags but I’m leaning more towards the Cabot Sister series.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  38. I would love to win the Highland Grooms Series. Please!!
    Happy Thanksgiving๐Ÿ
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway โค

  39. Enjoy your quiet time and recharge those batteries. Enjoy the time with your family both people and pets. Thanks for the chance for such great prizes. I would choose the Highlander Groom series if I should be selected as the winner. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  40. Great giveaway!! My fingers are crossed!! Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿฅง๐Ÿ˜˜

  41. Happy Thankgiving and all other Holidays till New Year’s!

    The Pug calendar is a fun one – I’ve already got a copy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. Wow what an awesome prize! I know if I won I’d choose the Highland Groom Series ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. hello love your books. i’m a big fan. if i won , i would love to win the entire highland grooms series. thanx for the chance to win and i hope you have a lovely american thanksgiving.

  44. I would love to have a chance to win the a complete set of either my entire Highland Grooms Series and thank you for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a beautiful holiday season. Awesome Year-End giveaway! I would love to win your Cabot Sisters Series. Thanks for the chance. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŽ„โค๏ธ

  46. Thank you for the giveaway. I would like to win the Cabot Sisters Series.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. As usual, I am looking forward to reading your upcoming new releases. You are one of the authors whose book I can put in my cart without reading the first few pages; favorite authors’ books automatically jump into my cart!

  48. Hi, what a wonderful giveaway thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year
    All choices are good but who wouldnโ€™t want a Highland Groom to start 2019 with ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Thank you for the awesome giveaway chance, I’ve lov all your books….lol I bet you hear that alot. I wish good luck to all. The Cabot Sisters.

  50. Thank you for the awesome giveaway chance, I’ve lov all your books….lol I bet you hear that alot. I wish good luck to all.

  51. What a fantastic contest! I would love to win either set of books. I have only been able to read them from the library and I will be THRILLED to own them on my own. Thank you for this contest.

  52. Thank you, would love to have the Cabot Sisters to my home. Have wonderful holidays and time off.

  53. Thank you for a chance. Happy Thanksgiving! I would love the Cabot Sisters Series.

  54. Wonderful. I love present either your highland grooms or Cabot sisters would make a terrific present. Enjoy your down time!

  55. Would love to win any of the three, but the Pug calendar would be my first choice. Anything that is in regards to animal rescue is my first choice. My little one is a rescue and couldnโ€™t be happier to have found her. She has helped me through breast cancer and surgeries and is going to be helping me through another surgery on 11/30. Hopefully Iโ€™ll win!!! Have a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. May you all be blessed during this time.

  56. Happy Holidays to all !๐Ÿฆƒ
    Julia, get a much deserved rest, and we look forward to future newsletters (and books)๐Ÿค—

  57. Thank you! I would love the Highland Grooms Series if I win! Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays to all!

    • Congrats, Vickie! Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’re one of the lucky winners!
      My assistant will be emailing you shortly.
      Happy New Year!

  58. What a wonderful way to start thanksgiving! I’m thankful for amazing authors who write books that bring the world joy!!

  59. such a great cause and such a great chance. I would love the Highland Grooms Series. thanks for the chance


  61. This is wonderful. Since my kindle is overfull, I can only take paperbacks. My hearing is not good so audibiles are out too. Thanks for your consideration if I should win.
    Nancy Luebke

  62. This is a great giveaway It would definetly be hard to pick which one, so I’ll just wait and see if I win! LOL
    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  63. Love your books Julie, would love to win the Cabot Sisters series as l have not read them yet.

  64. I’m so glad you are taking family time. Enjoy the holidays.
    Thanks for the chance to win great prizes and fabulous books!

  65. I would love to win the entire Cabot Sisters Series. The Regency era is my favorite historical fiction time period.

  66. Great contest! If I win books will be donated to this summer’s Library Friends event!

  67. I would love the Cabot Sisters Series for my personal library. Thank you for the chance. Happy Thanksgiving.

  68. Thanks for the opportunity to choose. All three look great. I would love to have the Highland Groom Series to add to my collection.

  69. If I’m lucky enough to win I’d love the Highland Grooms Series
    . I applaud you for going off line and giving yourself head room. It all gets to me too sometimes. I’ve had a particularly bad year myself this year and can’t wait to see the back of 2018. Here’s hoping 2019 brings good things for us all.
    Happy Christmas and New Year in advance.

    • Congrats, Lynne!
      Your comment was chosen via random. org and you’ve won.
      My assistant will be emailing you shortly for your information.
      Happy New Year!

  70. I would love to win the calendar and book bag and swag thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity

  71. I would love to win your Highland Grooms Series! I commend you on your intention to unplug over the holidays! I find all the news overwhelming too. Fill your cup to the brim!!!

  72. I hope your time disconnecting from the Virtual World helps <3 We all need the recharge now and then.