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110 thoughts on “You Lucky Dog Bookmark Giveaway

  1. I have one Yorkie from a liter of three left in my life. He is struggling with congestive heart failure. I lost his 2 sisters in the past couple of years from different health problems. I am holding on to him as hard as I can. I also have three young yorkies from a different family to try to give life to our family. They are full of fun. There is laughter and tears. I love them all. Dogs are the best!

  2. My favorite dog was my chocolate lab Koko and my golden retriever mix Finn is a close second. I’ve always wanted a goldendoodle but I choose to adopt instead. I love all dogs!

  3. My favorite dog breeds are golden retriever, labrador etrievers, and huskies they are all so lovable and love to play. My favorite dog as a kid was our yellow lab because he was always so much fun to run around and play with. As an adult my favorite is the husky. My sibling has two that are cute and playful even though they shed a lot.

  4. English Cocker Spaniel (unfortunately we have had two in a row from different breeders and both died early of Cancer, one at 5 on her birthday and one at 9 of intestinal cancer.) They were absolute treasures. Yes, they had to go to the groomers.

  5. A German Shepard Collie mix, was a good watch dog, for my daughters playing outside in our backyard. When I was able to run into the minimart she stayed in the car with my children, now you can’t do that anymore, you have to take children when they do not want to get out of car. Luckily more stores are having childcare.

  6. Love Corgis! So cute and cuddly! Love seeing them out and about in the park next to me!

  7. Oh my I love German Shepard’s just love the way they respond to you when they are trained there is no more better dog it is so loyal. Thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity

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  8. OH my, my favorite breed owned would have to be my beautiful Chow/Lab/Shepard mix, Britney! She was just the sweetest thing with a beautiful coat, swishy tail, and what looked like golden eye shadow around her eyes. <3

  9. Favorite breed are my 2 chiweeny (Chihuahua/Daschund) mutts. They’re sisters & as different as can be; plus they get in fights like real sisters, lol. A close second goes to the Great Pyranese though. My parents had one, Alaska, who was the sweetest dog ever & he passed away earlier this year from old age.

  10. My favorite type of dog is a boxer and we had three of them but they have all passed away now. We had Rocky, Precious and Gizmo. I miss them all very much.

  11. Corgis! They love herding their people and guarding the treats and kitchen

  12. My favorite dog was a mutt, but she was part terrier. I always loved the terriers.

  13. Would love a chance to win these cute bookmarks! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. It’s hard to say my favorite. I love the following:

    Rottweiler; Brittany Spaniel and German Shepherd

  15. My favorite breed is “rescue.” Beau the Wonder Dog was a golden border collie mix. Smart as a whip and so, so sweet. I miss him every day. He was almost 18 when we lost him.

  16. My mini Yorkie Buppie. He’s the cutest, sweetest lil fat guy. He’s a rescue and obviously wasn’t treated well the first 5 years of his life. He didn’t know how to dog when I got him. But after 5 years with me he’s learned a lot!

  17. My Mom had a miniature dachshund for 16 year, and that dog was so ornery. If I had the room, I’d love to get an Irish wolfhound. Then I’d have to get a mutt to counter the big baby.

  18. I have only ever had two dogs – the first was when I was very young and he was a Cocker Spaniel named “Charky” and the second was when my husband and I had our first house. My husband got this dog at the pound and it was a German Shepherd mix named Max. Both great dogs!

  19. My husband was a veterinarian so loving dogs and cats came as a given. Ended up with rabbits, turtle, gerbils, snake , guinea pigs, 3 cats and a total of 5 dogs over the years. Now I dog sit my daughters’ dogs when needed.

  20. Pembroke Welsh Corgi are my favorite dog. We had one for 15 years. I miss him a lot.

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  21. My best dog, a terrier mix, found us on a cold, rainy night and jumped into our car. The lady we saw at the home said she was a stray, so she came with us to a Christmas party and had a great time. We named her Sophie and she was loving and smart. When we brought our baby home she was right beside me helping to care for him. For 16 years she was our companion and we miss her.

  22. I did not have a dog growing up. After we got married, my husband and I adopted a rescue cocker who was incredibly smart. I was spoiled and didn’t realize how unusual he was!

  23. I don’t have a dog but I do like labs, beagles and corgis and pretty much any other friendly dog!

  24. I love pugs. My aunt gave me her chihuahua pug as a kid. Loved them ever since

  25. I love all dogs but a favorite is german shephard as that was the first dog I had in childhood

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  26. My favorite dog is a Lhasa Apso. My first one lived to be 17 years old. He passed 9/7/17 with doggy dementia. November of 2017, I adopted a senior rescue Lhasa Apso. He has seizures and has separation anxiety. He will be 15 in August. I have had him less than 3 years and he is my baby.

  27. Our dog is an Irish Setter. She is 10 years old and diabetic requiring 2 insulin shots per day. She is a real trooper tolerating her shots.

  28. My favorite dog was my baby girl, Brodie. She was a cockapoo and lived 14 years. I miss her still and it’s been 6 years. When I move I will get another baby..

  29. I love all dog breeds, but my dogs growing up were a schnauzer and a terrier mix, so thanks to Fritz and Cooper I’ll always a a soft spot for a dog with a beard!

  30. My favorite breed of dog is the underdog! I love mixed breeds that need extra help to get adopted. I have a dog named Lucky!

  31. I once had a mini-dachsie as well as brother and sister chihuahua/min-pin. I had them for a little more than 14 years and still miss them. I wouldn’t know how to choose my favorite, under these circumstances.

  32. I absolutely love all of our dogs, but my faves are the mixed breeds. I love to rescue shelter dogs!!

  33. My favorite breed is the Newfoundland. I currently have two and my boy is a 150 lb. lap dog.

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  34. My favourite breed of dogs are Siberian Husky and German Shepherds. Both for their loyalty and the happiness and companionship they bring

  35. My old English Bulldog Mia – i love her snoring! Also, my great Dane Duke he has a heart as big as him!

  36. Mostly I’m a cat person…don’t hold it against me.
    Growing up we had dogs, many dogs.
    My favorite was a little red dachshund that my uncle named Hawkeye.. and always referred to him as Hawkeye the buckeye. They were both characters. Hawkeye was very spoiled and firmly believed he was 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds.
    He loved to go fishing with us. He’d jump in the water to “retrieve” the fish just before we finished reeling it to shore. Hawkeye passed away 20 years ago, but I still miss him. Whenever we have a family fish fry, we still talk about his fishing skills.

  37. I love my Yorkie-mix. He’s a snuggle bug. I’ve also owned Schnauzers and Wire Fox Terriers. The WFT are a tad wild and the Schnauzers have been needy.

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  38. We have had 10 rescues and fostered several litters of puppies for the local shelter. I have two favorites. Our first dog was a sweet beagle Noli, who graced our lives for 17 years. She traveled well which was good since we moved cross country twice. Our girls were in preschool when we got her and she did well with them. The second favorite was a black lab mix we adopted after we lost the beagle. Olivia was another sweet dog and the one we kept from the first litter we fostered (6 puppies and their mom). She also graced our lives for 17 years. She was the alpha of our shifting pack of 1 to 4 dogs., plus fostered litters. She was supposed to be our son’s dog, but she adored my husband. Actually, all our dogs have adored my husband. She has been gone several years now, but I still miss her terribly. We have one dog now and if we get any more, they will be a beagle and/or lab.

  39. We just recently got a Cane Corso, Diesel. He is 4mths old and already huge. We prefer big dogs. I’m a cat person but do find I love a big dog. Our last big dog, snowball, was an akbash/great Pyrenees mix she lived 17yrs and we miss her greatly.

  40. I had many dogs over my lifetime and each one was special, but if I had to pick the one that helped me through a dark period of my life it would have to be my Australian Shepard, Blue. He just seemed to know when I needed someone close. Even though he’s been gone almost 13 years I still miss him. He was a good dog.

  41. My favorite breed of dog is a toss up between a lab and pit bull, they are both loving, smart, and loyal dogs

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  42. German Short Hair, Daisy Mae was the best dog ever, she was such a loving puppy, I sure do miss her.

  43. We have a 12 year old Australian Shepard (Roody) and a 10 year old Rat Terrier (Goomba). We like all dogs.

  44. Jake was our Pekingese/Pomeranian and he was the most laid back dog we ever had. Sometimes it was easier to believe he was a stuffed animal than a living dog.

  45. My favorite breed is golden retriever, but my golden labradoodle Amber is pretty awesome.

  46. My family has had 3 female dogs : a mutt, a pure JRT, and our current fur baby- a Chiweenie. Each sweet girl has been a blessed addition to our family. All came to us by rescue adoption. Each has been a unique personality that was just what our family needed during the years they were with us. Our family is not complete without a fur baby girl in our home.❤️🐾🤗

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  47. I’ve always adopted mixed breeds. They seem to be healthier, hardier, unique. They are always so grateful to have a home and so sweet. I’ve owned 8 dogs at different times and have loved each one. The relationships have all been different and special.

  48. My favorite breed is a lab. Best dog we ever had. Second favorite is Blue Heeler.

  49. My dog, Koda, is my favorite! He’s a golden retriever/collie mix that we adopted from the local shelter.

  50. My toy poodle, Toby, is the best dog I ever had. My friend had bought a puppy. I inquired about the price from the seller & couldn’t afford one. Later the seller called & offered me a male almost 3 months old for $100 because no one picked him. Of course I took him. He is a wonderful dog that those people missed out on.

  51. The best dog I’ve ever known was my dog Kira. She was a terrier mix that we adopted when she was only a few weeks old. Sadly she passed away just about a year ago and this first year without her has been really tough. She was incredibly fun, sassy, and energetic. She and I would play hide and seek under blankets and it’s one of my favorite things we would do together. I have her photo as my phone wallpaper and talk about her all the time to keep her memory alive. I won’t be getting another dog anytime soon because Kira was the best. Thanks for letting me share a little about my baby!

  52. Pugs of course lol! Our pug Mandy crossed over last Thanksgiving. We rescued her but she gave us so much more & what we needed.

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  53. My milk chocolate Cocker Spaniel. She’s sassy, grumpy, introverted and loves snack and being lazy – just like me. She’s my everything and she’s saved me. I love the fluffy rascal!

  54. I’ve had..a chocolate la,. Wheaten terrier, shih poo and a shih chon…my favs and best boys ever are the shih poo and shih shih poo lived 17 years..he was the love of my life…

  55. Basset Hounds are the best kind of dog, of course. How nice of you to write about them. I’ve had three over the years and they were all wonderful! My baby right now is Rocket. She came from a rescue in Minnesota.

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  56. The best dog I’ve ever known was my beagle Bubbles. He was so cute. He loved to sing. He loved to eat and he was very chubby. He dies many years ago and I still miss him to this day.

  57. Best dog I’ve ever known was my dog, who was a mix between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a bunch of others. She was lovely, loyal, sweet, attentive, and so playful!

  58. The best dog I’ve ever owned would by by Ruby girl. She’s a sweet Shepard mix that my daughter found on the side of the road when she was about 3 months old and no one claimed. She’s 85 pounds of all love and cuddles!

  59. best dog I’ve known was a cockatoo named Sparky a hearing assistance dog for my Aunt Edith

  60. my favorite breed is a Bichon. I have a male and female and they are the best 2 dogs I have ever had. when my sister in-law meet my male she said she had to have one because she never seen one so lovable. So what di we do? You got it, we bought her one for her birthday and she says that it is her best friend.

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  61. my favorite breed is a Bichon. I have a male and female and they are the best two dogs I have ever owned. after my sister in law meet my male dog she had to have one also.. so what did we do. you got it. we bought her one for her birthday and she said it is her best friend