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989 thoughts on “YOU LUCKY DOG GIVEAWAY

  1. My cat, Marley, has been a lifesaver through the pandemic. I adopted her last August, and she’s been my company this whole time 🙂

  2. I had female Boxer (Kallie) and when my Mother passed away I inherited a female English Bulldog (Bella). Bella was a year or two older than Kallie. Kallie was an only dog, since she was a puppy, but took to Bella right away. Kallie was a constant protector of Bella in all ways. She would even leave food for her. As if she needed it! When Kallie passed away Bella was heartbroken. She cried all the time and looked for Kallie everywhere. Six months almost to the day Bella passed away. I think she just couldn’t handle being alone. They were 12 and approximately 13 years old when they passed. I like to think they spent the best years of their lives together. We all loved them so much and still miss them two years later.

  3. One of my precious babies was my little dog with a big heart that was named Tibe’. Which means little baby. He brought a lot of love to my son and I when we were going through a difficult divorce. He continued bringing love to us and several years later our new family.

  4. I had a hamster that I loved so much. He stayed alive longer then they usually do. He would keep me up all night with his ferris wheel but I loved him very much.

  5. My favorite pet is my newest kitten named Baloo. He’s really bringing out the best in my older pets.

  6. my favorite pet is my black lab Leia who works as a therapy dog. She loves reading with rover programs.

  7. My favorite pets were cats. They seemed to go missing a lot. We live out in a country area and it seems that hawks were nearby and were taking them. Because of allergies, we can’t have pets in the house, so they were outside cats. They had a kitty door into hubby’s workshop, which was heated. However, they weren’t safe enough. I didn’t rescue them for them to go through that, so we decided to not get anymore. But I miss them.

  8. We had a kitten my brother rescued, who followed me around like I was her mom. She was so tiny we called her Lil’ Bit, cause she was a Lil’ Bit o’ nothing.

  9. My favorite pet was my dog, Addie. She was a black lab mix and lived to be about 10 years old. I still miss her everyday.

  10. my favorite pet was my dog Laddie. He was a good guard dog unless you were in uniform and then he would let you in. Thats because several of my friends, who are police officers helped me house break him. So if in uniform you could enter the house no problem, but the same people could not get into my house if I was gone. Was funny to all. Also he was a pizza stealing dog. You could leave food on end table or floor and he wouldnt bother it, but put pizza within his reach and it was gone

  11. My favorite pet is a 14 year old border collie named Chloe. Just two weeks after our beloved Piper was hit by a car, our friend called telling us that she knew that we had been looking for a companion BC for our Piper, and she had a litter of pups that were half siblings and asked if we wanted one. I burst into tears and explained how Piper was gone. My friend said she had one female and f0ur males. We wanted the female. When we finally got to meet her, we fell in love immediately. We called her “The pup that healed a broken heart”. She literally was comfort in a fur suit. Now Chloe is old for her breed. She can’t see very far, her hearing gone, her fur on her face turning gray. Today she couldn’t stand without assistance and had to be carried outside to do her business. My husband and I know that the time has come to let go but I can’t. My hear is breaking again and I don’t know how I can face this. I know my heart will forever miss my Chloe. I hurt. I cry. But most of all I dread the goodbye. I know that I have to make the tough decision and I have to put her first but its so hard. That’s my Girl …. Chloe, the pup that will take my heart with her.

  12. My favorite pet is my fur baby Nola. She is a rescue dog from New Orleans. We love her & spoil her like crazy ❤️❤️

  13. I have a Toy Chihuahua. She is 8 years old and loves to play in cool weather. She has been my best friend since the day I got her.

  14. I have a few favorite pets.. one named Tank and another Phoebe one of my others crossed the bridge on the 14th of Feb.

  15. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I can’t wait to read it. The book reminds me of a Hallmark movie!

  16. My favorite pet was our dog named Dingo. He was half Australian dingo and half retriever. We had him when I was growing up. He lived for 17 years.

  17. My favorite pet is my dog. He’s a very lucky boy, having been snatched from death row and transported to us by a rescue group.
    Boone, thus named by the rescue because he’d been found in ‘the boonies’, is a breeding experiment gone awry or, more likely, the magical blessing of a midnight tryst between two dogs of indeterminate provenance.
    The result of this romance is a stocky, not too short, nor yet too tall, white with russet patches, petite triangular ears that flop over perfectly, walking appetite named Boon. He’s a hilarious wee soul.

  18. I have had six dogs in the past. Most were Labradors who lived to 15 years of age. My current dog Flash is a Maltese Rescue. He was 8 years of age when I adopted him. I have had him 1 1/2 years and he is a loving dog! He has some problems, like not wanting his feet touched. It must be because something traumatic has happened to him in his past.
    I would love to have your book.

  19. I have had so many pets over the years! But my fave has to be my last who passed. A huge ginger marmalade cat who knew I needed him to get thru a very emotionally difficult time in my life. He was my rock of kindness who lulled me to sleep at night and tried to take away my extreme emotional pain. Pancreatic cancer finally took him but he held on as long as he could for ME. The strongest purring love of my life! Blessings upon him in Kitty Heaven!

  20. My three cats are my best friends and true companions–they make me laugh out loud every day. They know me better than I know myself. We have been through a lot together, and we are a very close family. They are litter-mates–born on April Fool’s Day–and next year, they will be five years old. Mama loves you Spottie, Bubby, and Boo!!!

  21. Right now we do not have any pets but our favorite pet or I should say pets was our 3 dogs. For us dogs found us and we could not find their owners so they became our children. Our oldest Samantha (Sammy) was 1 1/2 yrs old when she found us. She was a mixed lab and black in color with longer hair than a lab would have. A couple years later Sasha found us and she was around 1 1/2 yrs old and black in color with just a little white on her legs. She was a Akita Chow mix and was so skinny. Then a few years later Angel found us and she was 7 months old and a full black lab. She else got away from her owners or they tossed her out. Angel ate everything in site and dug holes in our yard. All female but they all got along well and we loved them so much. They all lived to be around 13 yrs old when they passed away and I miss them a lot. After Sammy died at least Sasha and Angel had each other but then Sasha died and Angel was so upset she cried when my husband got out of her site. Being retired he took her everywhere with him. It has been 3 1/2 yrs since Angel passed away and no other dog has found us yet. Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. My favorite pet was my first cat, Camille. She was sweet, very nervous and fearful when she first moved in with me. As time passed, I found we were greatly in sync. She had many health issues, which dealt with and was 19 years old when she died. That was two other cats and more than 25 years ago. I still miss her.

  23. My favorite pet was my bunny Thumper. My dad built a cage for him.One end had a house and the other end was enclosed with chicken wire. We bought special pellets for him to eat
    .He was part gray and part white.

  24. I don’t have any pets at the moment. My husband and mother are a handful on their own. However, I’ve been through a duck, a golden crested cocatoo (which landed on my balcony when I was 10), and two dogs. I’ve never owned a cat, but there is one living in our building who simply shoves his way into my flat, takes a walk around, meows a lot and then walks out.

  25. I didn’t know I was a cat person until Mimi came to live with us. She wasn’t overly affectionate but she had the whole family doing her bidding. For a formerly indoor cat she took to the outdoors well and was known to bring back “gifts” from her excursions. She couldn’t reach the doorbell so she chose to rattle the mail slot on the door to announce her return. She sadly is no longer with us!

  26. My dad rescued a black and white puppy that we saw a man kick while in vacation. He just walked up to the man, socked him in the nose and asked him how he liked to be hit. He picked up the puppy and brought it to our car and we took him home. We named him bubba and had him for 9 wonderful years.

  27. We have a rescue named Flash. He reminds us of our son’s shiba named Herbie. The 3 grandkids like him also.

  28. My fave was my dog Sierra Lacey. She was 13 years old shih Tui/Lhasa Apso mix and she passed two summers ago. She was sweet and lazy. She didn’t care for walks at all. She liked to sit on the couch and watch Soap Operas. She was so sweet and hardly ever barked. I miss hwr.

  29. After my dog died one Thanksgiving, and my cat the next, I never thought I’d ever get another. Needless to say my sister got me two less than 8 em old Calico sisters. They are now 2 and my emotional support. Love my girls ❤️

  30. We have 4 dachshunds, but I really have a soft spot for 12 year old Ratchet. He was a rescue and after a short time with us, it was determined he had major dental disease going on, necessitating many, many extractions. He only has 4 teeth; this does not slow this boy down when eating however! But his tongue hangs outside the right side of his mouth constantly, drooling on everything! He looks like a doofus! I call him Deputy Doofy Dog! He is my snuggle boy!

  31. I have only had 2 dogs, Coco and Fritz. Both were dachshunds. Coco was full sized and died in front of my sister and I when he was run over by a car. My Dad immediately went out and got Fritz, and that was Mom’s dog. He was a miniature dachshund, and lived for 16 years. Ornery little mutt! (Actually he was a purebred!) He would hump the guys who came over to visit us, run around the pool and bark when anyone was swimming or playing there, crawl under my covers in the morning, and pee all over the house when we left him alone too long. When my Mom would give him a bath, she would dry him out with a towel, then set him down on the ground. He would then run around the pool before going back inside. The last time she gave him a bath, he did that but had a heart attack and fell into the pool. she buried him in the backyard, where he rests to this day.

  32. i had a cat called meeper who was wonderful. i had her from when i was born until i was 14. she was so loving and tender for a cat and i used to dress her up in doll clothes and she just was so chill and put up with it. i loved her so much. i am severely allergic but because we had her since before i was born, i never knew how bad my allergies were. once she died, i learned. but i really loved her. we caller her meeper because instead of meowing she made this sound like meep. meep.

  33. My favorite pet was my cat Funny Face.. I got her when I was 3 years old. We grew up together and were best friends. She passed away on my wedding day. I have had many pets of different species, but not a one has ever been in my heart as much as her. Not that I don’t love the other ones, but her and I had a special bond that can’t be replaced.

  34. Love dogs. Current dog is just too smart. She picks up my clogs and water dish to negotiate for treats.

  35. My favorite pet was my Rottweiler, Darth Vader. She was a great overweight dog who listened to orders and always sat on your foot when she wanted attention. She was a terrible snorer and loved to cuddle on the bed.

  36. Pokie, my son’s cat, is my favorite pet. When he picked her out at the animal shelter she was the tiniest, scariest, pitiful kitten there. She definitely became “his” cat and matured into a beautiful, huge cat. Shecwaits for him at the door, like a dog, sleeps on his bed guarding him, and sometimes even grooms his hair. One of her funniest quirks is sitting in the window and whipping her tail back and forth and chirping at the squirrels.

  37. Megan is my 14 year old cat!! She is definitely the queen Bee of my house. She wakes us up to get out of her bed(not ours) She gets treats off and on all day!!! She’s a Rag doll breed.
    We love her with all our hearts!!!!

  38. My favorite dog, Otis, passed this past Thanksgiving day. He was a special part of our family and took a part of our hearts with him. <3

  39. Tinkerbelle is a beautiful gray long-hair cat who has the most intense stare!! She picked me. She loves to play, especially fetch. I throw a ring (the plastic ring from the neck of a milk jug) and she chases it, fetches it, and returns it to my feet. She waits patiently until I throw it again! I have never had a cat play fetch before.

  40. I have 2 dogs that Have stolen my heart. Chief who is border Collie Akita and Chow was the most amazing dog ever he was never away from my side when I had to put him down that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Now I have Ranger who is saint Bernard Pitbull and husky and he is the most beautiful blue eyes!! ❤️❤️❤️

  41. My favorite pet was my dog Buck, his full name was Running Buck Cross after my favorite character from the Young Riders. He was a cocker spaniel/miniature Doberman mix but he looked like a beagle. He was the sweetest dog and loved to run out in our fields. He died at the age of 9 after getting in a fight with another animal.

  42. We have four cats, two inside boys (from the same litter) and two outside girls that wandered up and decided that our house looked like a good place to live. They all get treated like the royalty they believe they are!

  43. My dog’s name was star. She was a white chihuahua. I had her for 9 years. She got sick in January of this terrible year and I had to put her down. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done I’m dealing with this depression over losing her. She was my family I miss her so much 💖

  44. My favorite pet would have to be my English Bulldog Persephone. She is full of dramatic moments. She is very animated. She loves to play with her toys. When she gets excited she is like a bull in a china shop. She will even ram your legs to get you to play tug o war. She snores so loud she sounds like a motorcycle. Her favorite food is Pizza. If she sees the box she will swat her paw at your leg. If that doesn’t work she will try to climb up your leg. There is never a dull moment with Persephone.

  45. I have a beautiful black cat named Licorice. She came to our house in 2013, ran inside and has never left!

  46. My favorite pet was my friend’s dog, Lily. She was rescue and barked at everyone who visited, but was so scared of everything. She was small enough to cuddle with you in a seat once she felt safe around you.

  47. Blondie was my baby! A beautiful buff cocker that suffered from juvenile cataract blindness at birth. She was so sweet to everyone. BUT if I went to bed before my husband, Blondie would jump on the bed with me and refuse to let my husband on the bed!! My husband would have to shout and wake me up so I would tell the dog it was OK to let him lie down. She was my shadow for 12 years. I miss her soooooo.

  48. My favorite pet is our rescue, Scooter. She is the funniest little dog. Bringing us lots of smiles and love every day. Truth is, I think she rescued us.

  49. I used to have a dog a long time ago. Her name was Princess. She was the only dog my sister liked(she’s severely allergic). She wasn’t trained, but she obeyed when she wanted. We loved her. We had her for two years before she got sick. That was the only one we ever had.

  50. We has a dog named Brady. He was part poodle, so didn’t shed and was very smart. The kids picked him from a rescue society. It was the kids’ first dog. They taught him lots of tricks, He passed when they left the nest. 🙁

  51. My favorite pet is Samantha Rose she is a brown cocker spaniel. My sister bought her from a pet store in Miami Florida and we bought her back home to New York twelve years ago. As the years passed she played ball, went on long walks and slept by my side in herbig couch bed. She snores like I do and she is my very best buddy. My daughter is grown and now has two cats and left Sammy with me. That is the best gift she has ever given me. I pray that Samantha Rose lives to twenty and enjoys her life as much as I love her.

  52. Beauregard is our 12 year old Corgi that we rescued when he was a puppy. He grew up with and became the guardian and best friend to our son who is now 11 years old. They are completely inseparable and when we tell Beau to “wake up your boy”, he jumps on the bed and kisses our son until he hears giggles. He then digs our son out from under the covers until he gets to his feet. He is such a loving dog and we all love him so much.

  53. Currently we have 3 cats one off them loves to be petted all day long, it just stares at you if you stop.

  54. My rescue cat Tigger we had when I was growing up was the best. He was a Maine Coon and a big boy! He never used a litter box, just flat out refused. Instead he would meow at the door to be let out, he’d do his business and meow to come back in. The most handsome cat I have ever seen. Love to all the furry friends.

  55. We currently have two dogs (Scout and Piper) and a cat named Rosie. Both dogs are rescues from an amazing group called Border Collie Rescue & Rehab of Texas. Rosie is also a rescue from the local shelter. Unfortunately, we lost our other beloved cat, Daisy, in April to a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Daisy was my daughter’s BFF and constant companion, and we miss her very much.

  56. My white husky loves to leave me gifts from her patrols protecting my garden. One night she brought me a shrew while I was watching a Royals game in bed. Often she leaves them for me to find… squirrels, baby rabbits (yuck… and they squeal)… Just yesterday she save the house from a wren that somehow got inside!

    She is so sweet and 50 pounds of lap dog. She does not cuddle gently, but plops on top of you. Her coat is soft and her head feels like rabbit fur. When we brush her, it is a treat for all our woodland critters. Sometimes the breeze will pick up the fur and, “like leaves before the wild hurricane fly,” they snow back down upon our roof. Half wolf, half cat… Roxie is my love!

  57. I love my cats (Razor &Izzy). They have different, unique personalities, but are very lovable!

  58. Five kitties share our home: Fluffy, Kimo, Paul, Si’i, & Pepper. They each have their own distinct personality & we love all of them. Fluffy ,Kimo, & Si’i were found abandoned as young kittens. Paul was dumped in our neighborhood miles from his cat colony but has found his “furever” home.

  59. I love shelties only breed I have ever owned, I lost my dog back in January and due to this COVID I have not gotten another one yet.

  60. Well, we have 2 dogs and 7 cats but Potato chip the cat is the most needy. He thinks I am a tree and loves to jump up on me and then he wants to be cuddled like a baby. What can I say.

  61. my puppy girl was a sweetie who loved being outside chasing squirrels or cuddling on the floor inside. still miss her

  62. We have two rescue cats, a Lynx Siamese named Figaro and a flame Siamese named Marius who keep us busy and entertained. When we were younger we had dogs, but cats are easier now. The dogs in You LUCKY DOG are adorable!

  63. I had an Irish Setter growing up and she was the most gentle dog. She was my Dad’s hunting dog and a great retriever. One day she brought four bunny babies to my Dad from the neighbors’ back yard and not a hair on them was hurt. We ended up raising them until a neighborhood dog killed them. My dog was going nuts trying to get to the dog but she couldn’t.


    My favorite pet is a old Rose hair tarantula named Melody, my now 26 year old daughter when she was in the 1st grade her teacher had tarantulas in her class room and she taught the then 6 year olds how to handle them and care for them my daughter wanted one so we went to the pet store and got Melody a female rose hair she was very young my daughter named her that and all these years we still have Melody the females can live for 30 to 40 years. Melody has been though 3 moves. She’s old but still doing good. Penney

  65. We just adopted a kitten & she’s the sweetest! She’s currently curled up next to me, having exhausted herself playing.

  66. My favorite pet is your schnoodle Sweetie. She is so gentle and lovable. She lets the little kids play rough with her without biting them. At 15 years old she has been my best friend and confidant.

  67. We love all animals, our parent’s house was full of animals. Three cats, one dog , a fish trunk, one bird and some times a mouse and other little critters. My favorite would be cats, they are easy to care for. But I lived on a farm , with cows, pigs, horses,ect… All creatures great and small , the lord made them all.

  68. Was my golden retriever named Tiffany that is no longer with me. Best dog ever and miss her everyday.

  69. I have rescue dogs and I love each and everyone of them – they are all girls, and mostly all black dogs – they keep me going – I’ve also rescued another hospice dog that was not going to live but a few weeks and she enjoyed six months of a loving family – my girls range in age from 5 to 13 years old

  70. My favorite pet was my dog, Maggie. She was a rescue German shepherd??? Our friends noticed their neighbors had moved out and she was still tied up in their backyard. They kept going over and feeding and watering her, but nobody ever came back for her. They called the cops and they asked if they knew anyone who would want her, becuase she had a 1″ overbite and they didn’t know if they would be able to find a home for her. We took her in and she warmed up to us quickly. She was such a wonderful dog who lived with us until she passed on about 14 years after we rescued her. <3

  71. My 7 year old Lab- Irish wolfhound mix is a lucky dog! He is the sweetest dog and loves giving hugs & kisses!

  72. My lastest favorite pet is my current pet who is a male cat named Gray Goose whom I rescued last year. I named him Gray Goose because he has the kind of attitude shown by the cat-like creature in Captain Marvel movie who was called Goose. I added the Gray to the name because my cat is not a golden tabby but a Gray and White tabby with white belly and paws. His most active time of the day is between 12 midnight and 2:30am when he runs helter-skelter all over the apartment. He alternates sleeping on the bed of either myself or my son’s but I get the daily morning wakeup nibbles on my toes to feed him if I don’t get up. He’s also the cheif supervisor of all the birds who frequent the outside areas. He does have 2 neighboring cats who roam free outside, who come by the door to engage in a staring contest with him.

  73. My favorite dog would be our current resident Schnottie (Miniature Schnauzer/Scottie mix), who has convinced her humans she is a short dragon and deserves everything, especially unlimited ball playing time along with guarding her current hoard.

  74. A dog that we had in the past was a Samoyed. One day I went to school and when I came home I found she had taken up knitting and plants. She had knocked over a large floor plant that I had watered that morning. There were paw prints all over the house and on furniture. When walked in the door she was hiding in the corner all tangled up in yarn. He yarn had been put away. The saving grace was she didn’t pull the garment off the needles. I still miss her to this day.

  75. I haven’t a favorite as I love all my rescued animals over the years. They are all memorable to me. We currently have 2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats!

  76. A Bird named Stubby. I worked for Woolworths and took care of the pet dept. A box of birds was delivered and stubby was the runt of the box and his claws were gone. I separated him and took care of him, 3 years later I quit and the manage gave him to me, said no one would buy him. I had him for 3 more years , he died a month before I got married. He would fall asleep on his perch and forget and would fall off.

  77. I don’t currently have any pets but when I was a child I had a black cat named Spooky. She was an amazing, kind, gentle cat and I got to love her for 10 years. She made me a better person.

  78. We have had a lot of fur babies over the years, some exceptionally smart and some just lovable but not necessarily the brightest pup in the group. Usually we get rescue animals when we can, several years ago we had 2 beautiful, loving Rottweilers one was Chelsea and the other Precious. Let’s just say that Chelsea was the brains of the due. If they managed to get out of our backyard Chelsea would go to the front door and ask to be let in, Precious would run loose, we couldn’t figure how they were getting out, so one evening we stood outside the fence and called Precious she immediately ran to her escape spot and showed how she was getting out! So we were able to fix the problem. 😍📖🐕‍🦺

  79. My cats Cleo and Lacey are the best! Cleo is the most talkative cat I have ever met. She will get sassy when she is hungry. Wakes you up by licking your cheek, follows you everywhere and talking none stop. Lacey loves to cuddle on her terms and will do her open mouth meow without sound. When she meows with sound she is hungry or mad. Both cats love to rub against you, roll around and purr when I do yoga.

  80. My favorite pet is my little 10 year old dog Gizmo. We have been through a lot together since I got him when he was 9 weeks old. He helped me cope with the loss of my husband which happened just prior to my getting him and then last year we went through his cancer surgery together. He is my constant companion and I would not take anything for him. I would love to have the signed paperback copy of the book and the swag. Thank you for this opportunity.

  81. I had the most wonderful dalmatian named Pepper. He was beautiful and so loving. l He also fathered 8 puppies and we got one and named him Salty. I also collected salt and pepper shakers so it was fitting!

  82. I have 4 dogs (three golden retriever boys and 1 Bernese mountain dog girl) and 6 male cats. I love them all. The dogs tend to get a bit more love because the cats don’t enjoy coming around the dogs as much. My one golden boy Beau I think could’ve been a therapy dog he’s so sweet.

  83. My favorite pet would have to be my dog. I adopted Gilley from a rescue but he really picked me. I went there to see him but they wanted to show me another one. Gilley was so happy to see me and was all in! The other dog barely paid any attention to me so I knew for sure. I was and continue to be Gilley’s favorite person and he is my best 💓 buddy. 🐕

  84. My favorite pet is a dog. We currently don’t have a dog but we do have two indoor cats that are part of our family. Thanks for having a giveaway.

  85. It’s a tie, sorry I cant choose just one.
    Tillamook Cheddar — we call her Tillie, a Pembroke Welsh corgi and
    Honey, a Yorkie

  86. I love each of my furry crew for a different reason. I have a beagle who we joke wants to be a basset…and 3 cats

  87. Maggie is my rescued dog. Sweet, loving, snuggling and loves to play with her toys! And she is very protective.

  88. I adopted my senior doggie, Serenity, at the Humane Society when she was seven-she is now 13 and my constant companion. She is currently in a splint on one of her little legs as she jumped off my bed and had a fracture so she is being especially spoiled right now.

  89. Growing up, my dog Sandy was a good listener. He was always there when I needed to pour out my teenaged angst, and he was ready with kisses and a way of his tail to brighten my day!

  90. My favorite dog was our toy fox terrier named Ray’sDog. We called him Ray. He knew his boundaries and never left the yard unless you were with him. If you told him you were going to visit someone he would quit eating the night before so he wouldn’t get car sick. He loved his humans and would get up to go outside when he would hear the cigar wrapper opening so he could go burn one with dad. He died several years ago at the age of 15 1/2 years old of a brain tumor. He was very loved and is very much missed.

  91. We have a friendly hamster named Astrid that likes to hang out with my teenage son at night.

  92. My favorite pet was one I had as a teenager. He was a Pomeranian/terrier mix named Honey Bear. He was a great companion. I would try to lay on my bing bag but he would get beside me and turn circles until he ran me off and he’d have it all to himself. I have lots of great memories of him.

  93. Our dog Cinnamon Sugar is a Chiweenie that we rescue adopted in August 2018. She loves to get new stuffed animals with squeakers inside whenever her dad comes home from a work trip. She quickly bites an opening and then with her teeth she pulls out the stuffing and the squeakers . She doesn’t eat anything, just pulls it all out. Then she carries around the empty animal and cuddles it when she sleeps.

  94. Love dogs!!! Thank you for writing a rom-com with these sweet creatures in your novel!! And for tge giveaway!

  95. My favorite pet was my cocker Spaniel. His name was Bugsy. He always wanted to be a lapdog but he was a little to big for that. His name should’ve been Shadow because he followed me wherever I went. If I was in the shower, he’d lay down on the bathroom rug. If I was sitting on the toilet he kept trying to jump up to sit on my lap. He was the kindest, sweetest dog. I had the pleasure of having him for 16.5 years. I know he’s playing with all the other animals over the rainbow bridge.

  96. Macy, my 11-year-old Rottie/Aussie shepherd mix is sleeping on my bed at the moment … she is my bed warmer.

  97. I’ve had 2 dogs in my life. Teddy was a beautifulSheltie – but he had too much energy! Lassie was a collie, but she died when I was young. I love cats, but my son is allergic.

  98. I enjoy your books particularly since I am home most of this time of COVID, Also to keep us active we purchased a rescued dog being abused in her location. She fits in beautifully with me and is learning to trust my wonderful husband of 50 plus years.
    We think it was a male who was mean to her before we she was rescued.

  99. I don’t have any pets now. When I was growing up we had a dog named Snowball. Loved him.

  100. Thanks for the contest. I had a dog that i had to bottle feed because his mother wouldn’t feed him. I had him for 14 years until he went outside a lay down under a pecan tree and went to sleep forever. I miss him every day.

  101. How could I choose a favorite?! Our first cat was Smokey and he will always hold a special place in my heart. His favorite hobby was capturing the occasional spider or fly that crossed his path as well as the occasional tiny frog that entered my parents screened in patio!

  102. We just recently got a GSP puppy that we have been wanting for some time now. It’s a girl and she is the cutest little 8 week old ever. I’m so happy we were finally able to get one.

  103. My dog, Maisie, is the best thing that ever happened to me. We’ve been together over 11 years, and she continues to delight and surprise me.

  104. I have been lucky to have numerous pets over my life; dogs, cats, ferrets, parakeets, and a cockatiel. When I think about the ones who are no longer with me I have numerous reasons to smile. And the three cats we have now, Brewster, Fizzy, and Gigi are all my favorites. Dang, I sound like a parent with their children. 😉
    When I sneeze, Brewster sounds like he’s yelling at me with the meow he does.
    Fizzy is my constant shadow and his little claws sound so cute when he’s walking on the hardwood. He’ll use one claw to touch my arm when he wants me to wake up.
    Gigi has a certain meow that she’ll make when she wants me to get on the couch and snug with her.
    They really are all my favorites.

  105. I am definitely a cat lover. Sara, my Siamese cat was my favorite. She was more like a dog that followed me everywhere. Unfortunately at 19 yrs she passed away.

  106. My favorite pet is my dog Ellie. She was the runt of the Litter and that is why I got her . Fast forward 8 years later and she is beautiful, living and caring. I made the right decision.

  107. I have had many cats through the years. Sometimes only two and sometimes up to seven! I have 2 favorites. Zeke almost acted like a dog and waited for me to come home from work every day. Then he would follow me around the rest of the evening. Rusty decided I was his human. He was constantly by my side. Always full of love and purring!

  108. My first dog was an Irish Setter when I was three
    Years old and I. just loved her
    She was so small and we were always together

  109. Dog named Brandy a Rottweiler who gave us two litters of 13 pups each. Best dog ever. So family friendly. But also protective if anyone came into our yard.

  110. My favorite dog was our Taylor. She was rescued from an Amish Puppy Mill and had her front legs broken so she would always be in breeding position. When we picked her up she was the saddest dog we had ever seen. We gave her a lot of love and she opened up to us and loved us in return. She was an amazing dog and we still love her so much. Thank you.

  111. I love dogs. My favorites, of course, are those I’ve been privileged to share my life with.

    Thanks for this chance

  112. I have 4 dogs, my favorite has to be Petey, he’s a brussels griffon, small but acts big and bad until he heres me frying food, the street cleaner, the vacuum cleaner or the other male dog Skip takes his toy away, the whine/cry is so loud and he wants to be held to be soothed.

  113. My favorite dog was Max, part Brittany/part pointer. He was brown & white and had eyes the color of sherry. He was my best friend for 13 years – most definitely the dog of my heart. He passed away years ago. My heart still aches for him.

  114. My favorite pet was my dog Bubbles. He was a Beagle and he was really fat. He loved to sing and eat. I really miss him.

  115. I have 2 rescue dogs (sisters) who are the best, when they aren’t fighting. Molly & Ella have been with my husband & I since 2011 & I can’t picture our lives without them. They’ve kept me sane during 2020, lol.

  116. My Havok is a beautiful black Lab who will be 12 in a couple of weeks. As a pup, his name fit him. He got into everything. Now he is a lot slower and loves to cuddle while holding his favorite stuffed giraffe.

  117. My big ginger cat Charlie. He sit in front of me staring as I eat hoping for a piece. He fall down in front of me whenever I’m walking waiting to be petted or rubbed. Just love him.

  118. My favorite pet is my orange kitten named Yumi. I love it dearly and I actually thought it was female so I named it Yumi, took me until a year to realize that my cat was actially male (I know, very crazy of me but it was my first time to get a cat so 😅).

  119. I have been blessed to have had some type of pet always. All of our pets were wonderful family members. They were all favorites at one time. Now my favorite pet is a cat named Oreo (yes black and white – so not much originality is naming him). He is a wonderful loving fellow who is the boss in our home.

  120. I am an all around animal lover. I rescued a mini golden doodle about 2 1/2 years ago named Cooper. Saved and tamed a feral cat named Ninja (she earned her name). Who would’ve thought I would ever have a cat in the house… well, we do now. Then…well, then there’s Ebby, a 7 month old Cavapoo. I was not in the market for another furry child but agreed to “meet” her. So now we have 2 rescued dogs and a rescued cat. I really shouldn’t answer my phone any time soon. Lol.

  121. I had a pet guinea pig named Sandy. She had a crown on her head and she had a litter–she was pregnant when we bought her. We kept one and named it Runt, because he was the runt of the litter. We gave away the others.

  122. Making me choose is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. Impossible. I can tell you about our dog. Sadly we lost him. He was a 190 pound Akita. Biggest love. He would race my husband to the bed and if my husband didn’t get there first, he would be on the couch that night. Couldn’t disturb our baby. He didn’t know his size. He would let our cats climb in his mouth and then he would clean them afterwards. Never hurt them.

  123. I have a sweet, but very inquisitive, beagle granddog named Ezekiel (but we call him Zeke)! We babysit him during the day while family works and goes to school. He can’t be off-lease, because he will go exploring and will not listen to anyone when he is called until he finishes his hunt!

  124. I have 2 Yorkies one just turned 14 years old but I can say I do favorite Spencer just a little bit over Tracy.

  125. Many years ago we had a border collie named McDuff. He was the scruffiest one in the pound. But he proved to be the best dog ever!

  126. My beautiful Yorkie Zoe Star passes away in June but in October we are getting a new Yorkie and naming Her Cookie Rosé! Can’t wait to have a fur baby again!

  127. My dog Fluffy, which I had as a child was sweet and funny. She used to sit and wait for me to come home from school. She always seemed to know when I was due home.

  128. My favorite pet is my Pup. Jazz is a puggle. We rescued her when she was a tiny pup. We never had to train her we show her once and she did what we wanted. She is so smart. She is now 5 years old. she is always by my side and even insist on sleeping with me under the covers.

  129. I was petrified of all animals due to a big dog jumping on me when I was a tiny 6 year old. Fast forward 45 years. My son was having a difficult time adjusting to living away at college. He would come home on weekends very depressed. His girl friend (a big animal lover) suggested that a pet might help him. I would do ANYTHING to help my son so I agreed to let him go to the local shelter and rescue an animal. He came home with a beautiful tabby cat with yellow eyes. It took many baby steps for me to be comfortable with having an animal in our house but I came to love him. Long story short…we had this sweet cat with us for 7 years because our son couldn’t take him to the dorm or to subsequent apartment dwellings. I cried like a baby when he finally took him to live with him permanently. That sweet cat was exactly what my son needed at the time and helped me overcome my fear of animals.

  130. Favorite pet was my Bassett Hound named Droopy. He passed away around Mother’s day 2 years ago and I miss him terribly.

  131. My favorite pets are my grand dogs, Smokey & Duke. Smokey, an older dog, lives with my youngest son. Duke is a 4-yr-old & lives with my oldest son. Smokey is calmer & my favorite which works out well because Duke thinks my hubby is his second dad & thinks of me as a back-up plan.

  132. My favorite dog was named Grover and was a rescue Airedale. He was found in an area far from houses and no one knew how long he had been out there. After Grover had been fostered and came to my house, he had a few quirks – I routinely woke up with Grover’s nose in my ear, the first 15 minutes of any walk was a tug of ear and he fished the ice cubes out of any glass placed on the floor. If the glass was on the coffee table, Grover didn’t touch it. On the floor, and he could get the ice cubes out without spilling.

  133. I love my long haired Doxie! His name is Max and he is 15 years old. We were told 9 years ago that he wouldn’t be long for this world, but he has proved everyone wrong . We love to watch him run in the leaves and snow we have here in Maine.

  134. My favorite pet was a German shepherd/corgi mix. Was short like a corgi, big ears and looked like a shepherd. He was a trucker dog and rode with us for 8 years from the age of 10 weeks when we adopted him. He died Dec 2011 and would have been 12 in April. I miss him so very much even after 9 years

  135. I have two basset hound little monsters that were sent to me on the one year anniversary of losing my heart dog Daisy. They have filled a big hole in my heart, even if they are into everything, not to be trusted with anything, and they are loved dearly.

  136. my basenji Thor, she was named after Thor who was a woman in the marvel comics a few years ago, love that Thor doesn’t wake up early. She is usually still in bed till 10 am, I have never had a dog that likes to sleep in. The wrinkles on her forehead give her a wise and quizzical look. Training her to be my therapy dog, hopefully, she will pass her test this year.

  137. They’re all my favorite pet! Furry, feathery, scaly or slimy, my family has loved them all!

  138. Aurora my daughter s dog. She is so smart. She likes goat milk. She likes to walk every day.

  139. My favorite pet was Maggie, a cocka-poo. We moved to another state, away from my family, and my children got me Maggie, for a companion.
    I just lost her 2 years ago, and still think about her every day!

    I read YOU LUCKY DOG and it was amazing! I love the comedy parts, and the dogs were so cute together.

  140. I have loved all my pets, so it’s difficult to choose a favorite! I had a Husky named Mikhail that we raised from a puppy. He was a beautiful dog and very smart! I guess my favorite would be my current fur-baby, Chip. He is a mixed breed that we’ve had since he was weaned, but he is so intelligent! He does, however, have his little idiosyncrasies – like trying to anticipate your every move and wanting an audience to eat, just to name a couple. He is a big fella, but likes to try to be a lap dog. He is our baby, even though he’s now 11 years old.

  141. My miniature schnauzer, Sydney, thinks he is a human! He is a wonderful pet and is very protective of my special needs daughter. They spend a lot of time snuggled into her Lazy Boy recliner.

  142. My favorite pet is my dog, Bella! She is a rescue American bulldog boxer mix. She was hit by a car and the owner could not take care of her anymore, so we took her in. She is my child and I love her so much!

  143. Marshmallow was an adorable, sweet tempered Netherland Dwarf rabbit and perfect for our “no pets” apartment. He is greatly missed. Snowshoe, a larger Netherland Dwarf rabbit loved swimming in Walden Pond and the flooded playground at the school across the yard. Snowshoe is also greatly missed.

  144. My dog is Sally. She is twelve but acts much younger. She is very good as she had many classes to help wear her out. She is a border collie and lab mix . I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She is so much smarter than me.

  145. My favorite dog is my 8 lb chihuahua named Sweetpea. She really lives up to her name. She is the quietest chihuahua you will ever meet. She loves laying in my flower beds in the sun, chasing plastic golf balls and sleeping.

  146. My family keeps asking for a dog ( none live with me but want one here ). They told me I could have whatever I wanted. So I told them I wanted a stuffed dog!

  147. My favourite pet is my Dog Wilson. He’s a beautiful and spirited 7 year old French Pointer/ Braque Francais. He’s a big baby, our first dog, and so gentle with our three kids. Couldn’t ask for a better friend in life.

  148. I have always owned more than one dog. Now I only have Sonic the Bionic Wonder Dog. He is bionic due to a semi-hip replacement. He is a wonder because he is the first Breed Dog (Pomeranian) I have ever owned and is so sweet. . .He kisses my tears away. I work at South Tech Academy in Boynton Beach, Florida where Sonic has become the unofficial school mascot. We have a Vet Academy where Sonic is always welcome and has been used in actual Vet Lessons! Sonic is 12 years old; has friends; and runs like the wind even at his age (runs more than I do!). One feels joy when he is around and understands what it being said to him as he obeys. I am happy being his ‘Voice,’ and I now understand his ‘different’ barks. Sonic is one of my only friends.

  149. Of the options, I would choose cat! (Though I would say goats are just slightly higher than cats 😀 ) thank you!

  150. My dog Moose is my most favorite thing on the planet! He’s got some issues… but he takes his daily Prozac like a champ, gives the best kisses ever, and knows about 100 different tricks and commands! He’s a rescue who probably wouldn’t have made it very far in another household – but here, he rules the roost (and he knows it!)

  151. My favorite pet was a Saint Bernard that adopted us literally when we went to a dog show and started talking to the owners who were also breeding Saints. Isabella took an instant bonding with us and while we were going to look into purchasing a pup from them, they surprised us and offered Isabella. We wound up adopting then two of her siblings when the breeder/owner had to move. Loved them all but Isabella was the best pup ever. Still miss her.

  152. My favorite pet was named Brodie. We surprised our boys when they were 14, 12 and 9 by bring home the little ball of fur. Being a mom of boys, I figured that was the only way I was going to get a girl!! The boys had chosen a name for when we would get a dog. They named her for the NJ Devils goalie, Martin Brodeur!! Brodie lived 14 years and I miss her still.

  153. Right now, I have a rescued dog named Sonny. My older dogs had died. I wasn’t sure I wanted another dog at all. But, if I did, it would be a female, short haired and medium sized. I got Sonny, a white male Pekingese. Long haired and small.

    He is the perfect dog. I am so lucky that someone else had been willing to throw him away. And I am so lucky I was the one there to catch him.

  154. Right now it’s Killer, a statue of a cute golden lab puppy that is guarding the front door. And we have a stuffed Dante from the Disney movie Coco that sits inside looking out. Delivery people take a second look! LOL,

  155. My favorite pet to date had to be my black and brown rat-cha puppy, Myzie. My mom surprised me one autumn day when I was sixteen and took me to her friend’s house, where I discovered a litter of puppies ready to be adopted. The following summer, my younger brother’s driver’s ed teacher embodied irony and accidentally ran Myzie over. I’ve had other family pets I’ve loved, but I got to pick Myzie out of the litter and name her; she was the first pet that was mine alone, so she has a special place in my heart, even though we didn’t have much time together.

  156. My favorite pet right now is my little Yorkshire Terrier mix named Redford J. Wookiemonster. He is a rescue that I got from the local SPCA. He was 9 years old when I saw him and had been returned several times so they let me take him home for a two week trial. At the end of the first week I called and said that he had found his forever home. That was 2 years ago and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  157. Oh wow. I guess I should have expected a question like this. I lost my sweet basset hound, Martini, the day before yesterday. (lymphoma) As I read about Baxter and Hazel, I thought about Martini and my boy, Duke. Hazel and Martini were quite similar. She was the ‘shenanigator’ in my pack.

  158. My favorite pet is my dog, Cooper. He’s a rescue beagle mix. He’s right beside me through thick and thin.

  159. Roland was our half Siames half tabby kitty who thought he was a people. He was awesome. He was fearless until he was attacked by the balloon monster. He got the balloons my folks put on the mailbox for my brother’s birthday attached to his collar and he thought they were chasing him.

  160. My CURRENT favorite is a dog who came to us with the name Lucy as part of her identity. She is a red-headed red-nosed pit bull with a love for anything that bounces. Tennis balls are an obvious favorite. We hope to enjoy our time with Lucy for a long while yet.

  161. I have a cat and his mother was a feral cat that had her kittens in front of my house in 2015. When the kittens were three weeks old we started handling them so they would be tame. We found homes for all the kittens and I kept one. We have has Little Man for five years now, but he is not so little anymore.

  162. Karlie, a 15 lb. Schnoodle, (half poodle, half schnauzer) was a very smart little girl. I had abdominal surgery, and my husband had to empty 4 drains twice a day. Karlie would stand next to me, on the couch, and make sure that he was doing it correctly. She would go outside, race in the doggy door, and tear into the living room. She would jump up on the other end of the couch, and walk very gently over to me. Each morning, she would tap me on the thigh, with her front paw, very gently, to ask if she could move onto my lap. I would say, not yet. She would sigh, and snuggle up to my leg. When she could finally get on my lap, she couldn’t believe it. I had to say it several times, before she would, Then she gently walk onto my lap. She settled in with a huge sigh, and went to sleep! We lost our Karlie, a week before last Christmas. She was 2 weeks shy of her 16th birthday..

  163. My beloved Buster passed away on August 8, 2019. There hasn’t been a day that I don’t miss him. He was a Boxer/German Shepherd mix that we adopted as a puppy nearly 16 years ago. He was such a joy to be around with. He loved chasing birds and butterflies. I miss him greeting me at the door when I came home from work. He was definitely my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

  164. My favourite pet is our gorgeous 8 year old black miniature schnauzer. He is cheeky, intelligent, stubborn, loving, playful, mischievous, and 100 times more!!!💙

  165. I’ve loved all of my pets! Three wonderful dogs, assorted lovely and loving cats, a sweet hamster and a pair of soft-as-a-cloud chinchillas.

  166. Hard to pick one favorite! Have a grumpy old dachshund named Lula and a 2.5 YO spit fire chihuahua-Min Pin mix name Kinsey. Both names pulled from literary characters.

  167. My lucky dog is LuLu and she rescued us 6 years ago. I love books with dogs included in the storyline and can’t wait to read “You Lucky Dog”. Thank you for allowing us to enter this contest and I hope to be a lucky dog.❤️

  168. While I love all animals, cats are my favorite. I know that when a cat chooses you something special has been started.

  169. My cat, Wednesday is 18 years old and has been with me through thick and thin – one divorce, a St. Bernard, three moves and a car ride of almost two thousand miles. I named her/him Wednesday after the Adams family daughter because at the same time I got her/him I got a Himalayan cat boy I named Pugsley. Thought I had a boy and a girl until the first visit to the vet. He said”a couple of nice looking boys you have here” and I blurted out “but Wednesday’s a girl!” Was my face red when he showed me evidence that ‘she’ was indeed a boy

  170. Hi Julia,
    My favorite sweetheart dog is my Lily girl. She passed away last month , a few weeks shy of being 19 years old. I miss her dearly .
    But, I feel I was the definitely the lucky dog. 😁😍

  171. My favorite pet was my Golden Retriever Shadow he always watched out for me and my brother when we were kids. I always enjoyed it when he would run towards us after we got off the school bus. He was always there.

  172. My little (but thinks she’s big) chinese crested powderpuff (yes the dog without hairbut her puff gives her hair)! She is the sweetest, cuddliest little girl and secretly loves her big brother (a rescue pit bull/blue heeler mix). She always knows how to give the best cuddles when your fedling down and loves to protect the house from all the other neighborhood scary DOGS! The bigger the dog the tougher she is but I wouldn’t change a thing about my little girl.

  173. My favorite pet had always been my cat, Kippy. Kippy was, according to everyone but me, soooooooo ugly. To me he was so cute and lovable. When I lost him a few years ago to cancer, my rescue dog, Mason came into my life. Now I have to say he is my favorite.

  174. Love your books! I have been reading since several years ago. My only pet is called Cremita, a beautiful toy poodle ( according to the gifter) who grew to me a middle size one!

  175. My favorite pet is our current dog, Milo. He is a German Shepard/Great Dane mix and was a rescue who needed hip surgery. He was the happiest puppy then after his surgery he was just grateful and more affectionate. He loves to travel and goes with us wherever we go or we don’t go. We may have rescued him but he also rescued us as we’d just become empty nesters. 🙂

  176. I loved all my dogs, but I think the one dearest to my heart was Max. He was 1 1/2 years old when we rescued him. He was a thin, skiddish, large German Shepherd. My kids were ages 5, 7&8. Max loved us so much and was the best dog. He protected the kids and always had to know where they were. We loved him so much.

  177. I LOVE dogs. I have a female cavalier King Charles spaniel (Spot). My mom has a shitzu/Chihuahua mix (Lucky). Also jack Russell mix with Chihuahua (Tipup). And I love all dogs. The cuddling n kisses.

  178. Your new book sounds amazing! I have two very happy, shelter rescue cats. Thank you for the opportunity to enter a contest. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

  179. Well, no dogs, but 2 affectionate and reasonably well-mannered rescue cats. They’ve grown from 4 pounds at 4 months to over 11 pounds each at 1 year and 4 months. However, I grew up with my parents owning and operating a breeding/boarding kennel, and had the joy of knowing many wonderful and gorgeous Cocker Spaniels. Animals are great!

  180. My favorite LUCKY dog is Lucy the Labradoodle! Each and every day, I am amazed by how smart she is and how many words she knows. My favorite is probably “show me” because it helps me figure out what she’s asking for! Sometimes, she’ll head to the door because she has to go out. Sometimes she needs water and sometimes, the sneaky girl just wants a treat! Thanks for the chance to win such fun goodies.

  181. As a young girl, I raised a hen from a chick in the big city. Her name was Chickie & she had white feathers & produced brown eggs. I trained Chickie to come running to me whenever I shook a small container of raw rice. We spent time together everyday out in our backyard & I learned responsibility from taking care of her. Sadly, Chickie passed away while I was still in grade school. I will always cherish fond memories of Chickie.

  182. Our fur baby is Bella who we adopted from the PA Boxer Rescue. We have a tradition of naming our pets for movie stars and my husband suggested Mercedes so he could tell our friends he got me a Mercedes for my birthday. I almost went along until a friend pointed out to me that Bella was actually the star of the Twilight series so we could keep our tradition her name!

  183. We dont currently have a pet but had 4 special cats over the years. Felix (I named, sorry no imagination), Bonnie, Claudia and Odie.

  184. My favorite pet is my dog Lucy. She loves cheese and when she wants some I ask her if the cheese train is coming. She does a train sound that sounds like roo rooo! And she runs to the refrigerator to wait for her cheese.

  185. We adopted a part Keeshond, named Keesha. She was the smartest dog we’ve ever had. One of her most amazing things was she knew if something was green in color & spit out! She’d leave garden peas & green beans on her plate, she’d spit out green jelly beans if we tricked her into putting one in her mouth, she wouldn’t touch pickles. We miss her very much.

  186. I just lost my baby girl Clementine on Friday evening. She was a lovely Piebald Dachshund and almost 15 years old. We miss her terribly.

  187. I am fond of both cats and dogs but I presently only own cats. More accurately, they own me. Yeah, cats are like that.

  188. My favorite pet would be cats. I have three right now and the youngest is a gray tabby named Simone (aka) Pip. My husband took our middle cat to the vet and a man asked him if he wanted a cat. The veterinarian found kittens in her barn after the mama cat had been hit and the staff raised the babies. My husband called me thinking would say absolutely not and I said the exact opposite. She is my blood pressure kitty .

  189. My famiy has had several dogs over the years that were our precious furbabies. BJ, our Lab, became my buddy. He would sleep with me, be by my side while doing chores, and loved golf cart runs. My favorite memory of him is when he played an April Fools joke on me. He acted sick, had no energy, wouldnt eat or drink for me the majority of the day. He would whine if I wasnt petting. I waited for my daughters to get home so they could help me take him to the vet. The minute my daughters walked in, BJ ran to them, wagging his tail. He looked back at me with his doggy smile and a woof. He was saying April Fools! He passed away when he was 17 years old.

  190. My favorite pet would probably have to be my dog. We’ve had some really great ones throughout the years.

  191. Our current mutt, Jack, is a character. But my heart belonged to my border terrier mutt Boo. He was one of a kind.

  192. Hard to pick a favorite but I guess I’ll have to go with Leo. First dog my husband and I got together. He was a mixed breed. Small terrier type. So smart, cute and lovable.

  193. A cat named Kitty kitty that thought she was a dog. She growled if some people came near when she was eating. When we had a prowler the dog, a St. Bernard/ husky mix, was in the yard and did not warn us, probably got a treat, whereas the cat was growling like a lunatic all up in the kitchen window, jumping up and down and batting the heck out of the glass.

  194. I love my cats! I had one that I carried around like a baby and another one that came every time his name was called.

  195. How can I choose a favorite?? They were all absolutely perfect in their own way! I loved them all!! And I miss them all. (sniff)

  196. I have 7 loves and they are all special in their own unique way ! All are rescues and they consist of 4 dogs and 3 cats!! Enzo is my Large Tuxedo cat whom needed so much love to get him to be able to be with people or even not just hide! He is a sweet thing. Taco my middle cat was saved from the middle of the street in front of Taco Bell hence she got her name!!! Belle LuLu Bo and Luke are the pups are rescued from homes where they were abused or starved and they are all precious as well! Then there is little Leo was on his way to a kill shelter and we took him to be with Taco and they just are perfect together!! Love out babies!!!

  197. We rescued Ava, our “older” Beagle lady, a couple of years ago from a shelter. She has provided many hours of companionship and love to my husband and I. When I take her for walks, I have a collar w/leash and a harness w/leash on her at same time. She is a master escape artist and will slip out of one control device but so far has not gotten out of two. Once free, she runs madly away from me resisting capture, does not come when calls and finds the first stranger she sees and goes to them for affection until I can reach her!

  198. My favorite pet was an American bulldog named Snowy! She was stubborn and loved to just lay in the sun, even in the middle of a walk.

  199. We had a mixed breed dog for almost 20 years. Had to have her out to sleep due to health issues. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. Cried for 3 months afterward. She was our baby, and she is greatly missed !!

  200. My two beagles Willow and Dixon are a continuous part of my entertainment. From running around the house with their stuffies to trying to get that elusive squirrel to making sure my dinner plates have a pre treat cycle to spooning me in bed. Sure do love them

  201. One favorite pet? I do rescue and I have 3 dogs and 3 cats to choose from. While Peanut (Google “Miss Peanut therapy dog”) had her 15 minutes of fame, my students really miss her sweet gentle presence in the classroom. Chloe loves life in the US after my daughter rescued her while living in China. I flew to China to bring Chloe back with another puppy my daughter found on the streets! Lexi is a funny-looking, oddly shaped dog who was rescued after being dumped in the Everglades. She was one of 5 dogs I brought back to Chicago from FL and the only one who didn’t get adopted. She loves Chloe and follows me everywhere. I couldn’t choose a favorite! I adore them all. Perhaps my favorite was Bentley, the dog adopted at the age of 7 because he was “too old.” We had him for 10 years, and he was one of the smartest dogs I’ve even known. He also came to school with me and enchanted the students. He passed away last May. We miss him terribly. All three of my black cats we literally found on the streets. One is my sweet boy and he follows me everywhere and demands that I pet him by grabbing my arm with his paws. The other thinks he’s a dog and fetches crumpled up paper. The third I trapped before it got really cold last November. He survived many years outside and is FIV positive. He’s pretty feral and we never see him. I’m his housekeeper – I go in there and clean the litter and feed him once a day. We watch him late at night when he comes out through a camera. Sneaky, huh?

  202. We had a mixed breed dog ( mutt ) for almost 20 years. Due to health issues we had to put her to sleep, which was so hard to do, but given her w

  203. Thanks for all the books you write, they should do help in this strange country right now.

  204. My favorite pet is Casey. He throws his ball on his bed then moves it around to hide it then pounces on it like he just found it. And he sleeps under the covers in the winter like a cat.

  205. I have several cat and dog and it is hard to pick just one. I would have to say my twin kitties Bandit and Luna they were a bonded pair from the same litter. I had them from the day they were born. They were the perfect pair he was a lap cat who slept next to me every night and his sister was more independent but still so lovable. i have very few pictures of them individually they could almost always be found together. They lived to the ripe old age of 19 passing last year just 5 months apart to the day.

  206. My favorite pet is our dog Kennedy. We got her when she was 10 weeks old, and my daughter was 10 months. They are 15 now and still the best of friends. My daughter cannot go anywhere in the house without the dog right there with her.

  207. I currently have a 12 y/o bichon / poodle mix puppy who thinks he is human. My current puppy has to have the same dinner as I fix for my family.

    This book reminds me of my puppy – he was a foster fail 11 years ago.

  208. Although I had a collie when I was a child, I really love cats. The last cat I adopted lived with us for 19 years and was loved so much. We do not have any pets now but our new neighbors have a dog who likes to play.

  209. I have a labradoodle named Butterfinger, I’ve had him for 12 years, got him through a Stray Rescue in my city.

  210. I love dogs! And parrots! Both are funny, cuddly (yes, even parrots) and loving. I love their intelligence and I like having a special bond, where you just know what they are thinking.

  211. My favorite pet is my Basset Hound, Rocket! She is sweet, lovey, cuddly, and perfect. You picked the best dogs in the world to be in your story.

  212. My dog Butch was a rescue, Black Lab, and the easiest-going dog I had. Kids would lay all over him and he got along with all my friend pets, cats included. After 15 years, he crossed the bridge and I miss him all the time

  213. My favorite pet is my dog Cody who was a rescue dog. He is a sweet poodle mix dog whom all people take to when they see him. He likes people very much. I had him for five months before I heard him bark. A loving dog.

  214. We had two cats at one time–KATY (she played hide & seek with my hubby and when they did it in the living room-Joe laid down and hid on the sofa–Katy sneaked over the back of the sofa–and tapped him no the back!!! THEN upstairs he’d be around the corner from the steps and she’d jump out at him and then run & hide! WILLIE–wouldn’t sit ON a lap but tightly beside you. BUT one time I had the flu–& he would sit on my lap but when I was all better–back to beside NOT ON the lap!

  215. LOVE your books and they help to save my sanity during these doubly troubled times! Between politics and pandemic–I HATE P’s let’s drop it from our alphabet!!!

  216. My sweet Golden Retriever Emmie Lou just passed away. She loved playing fetch and “making the rounds” keeping tabs on everything going on in our 3 acre yard. She was always nearby, I had to check behind my desk chair before I would get up so I didn’t bump into her! I don’t know if I’ll be able to read this book without crying but I’m excited about this dog lover love story!

  217. We had a number of turtles that lived around our beach house and we named 8 of them. We would leave melon rinds, strawberries, and other fruit for them. We had two that would eat the strawberries out of our hands and didn’t mind if we picked them up as long as we had treats. We were always surprised at how quickly they moved as they are always depicted as being slow.

  218. My favorite pet is Dusty, a Scottish fold 10 yr old kitty. He follows me everywhere, loves to be picked up and petted and has the sweetest disposition. He is also blind and takes meds for high blood pressure. You know how they take a cat’s blood pressure? They shave a circle around his tail and wrap the cuff there.

  219. Mitsie, is a cat who allows us to live in her house. She is not friendly but, also, does not bite…she just wants to eat. She’s 14 now & shows no sign of slowing down.
    Charlie, is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is a wonderful dog who just wants to be with us…wouldn’t trade her for anything.

  220. My favorite pet is our current puppy Bambi. She is a German Shepherd-terrier mix. She is 9 months old & looks like a miniature German Shepherd. She is a frisky puppy, always getting into mischief. 😁 Thank you for the giveaway.

  221. My favored pet is Ace, our adopted black cat.
    He is adopted because he is certainly part of the family,and not a pet. He gives
    us the “over the shoulder look” when he deems us not living up to our
    potential. He is so old he has white hairs growing out of his black fur.
    He is a cat “for all seasons” and definitely ruler of his world and ours.

  222. My favorite pet is a dog – we had three boxers, two males & one female but they have all passed away now. I really miss them!

  223. Our next set of cats were strays also . A mommy cat used our garage to have her babies and we kept mommy and two of her girls. the other three we gave away to good homes.

  224. I’m a cat lover. My last two were named Shakespeare and Jezebel. I usually name them after watching them for a few days. As you can see, Shakespeare was a nose in the air male and Jezebel constantly threw her legs up in the air.

  225. My favorite pet is my dog Picasso. He came to us via a rescue organization in Taiwan. He’s a French bulldog/pug cross referred to as a Frug!

  226. Friskie was my First Cat except he loved my Husband . He would wait on the arm of his Captains Chair when it was time for him to come home from work so they could have a snack together.

  227. I have 3 pets currently – a dog and two cats – I love them all, but the dog, Charlie is the oldest. Half the time I’m not sure why I love her, she’s a mutt with some corgi in her (cute curly Q tail). But she’s a biter – she bites when she doesn’t want to do something and even when she’s playing. Lucky for her shes soooo cute., and cuddly. In some ways she reminds me of a calico I once had – Biko, who would bite you when she’d had enough attention, sigh.

  228. We had a car named Chico. He would come into my room ,while I was sleeping,hop on the bed and bat at my feet with his paws till I would get up. He was a big cat, never missed a meal. I miss him,he brought humor to the house


  230. My favorite pet was my cat Beauty. She was sweet tempered and cuddly. She was a black cat with a white spot under her chin, which is why we called her Black Beauty.

  231. I have three Yorkies, Krissy, Khloe and Keea. We have a fifth wheel that we all five go camping in. The dogs love to go camping.

  232. My favorite pet is my Rescue dog Holly. I adopted her on December 10, 2011. She has been part of our family for 9 years. Holly is sweet, loving, loyal, and even strong-willed at times that must be the hound part in her lol. I can’t imagine our house without her!

  233. I don’t have a pet, but my son has 2 dogs – a Shiba Inu and a Golden. Polar opposites in personality, but now that Ollie (the Golden) has settled down a little Avery can tolerate her!

  234. How wonderful to bring man’s best friend into a story! I own 4 dog—A Puggle, a Shiba Inu and 2 mini Australians that are brothers. Needless to say my home is a mini zoo! It’s so much fun! I bet your book “You Lucky Dog” is too!

  235. We got our first dog when I was 5. My sisters were in school and I got to go with mom to pick it out. She grew up with me. Pepper was the best family dog and protector. I have had several dogs as an adult but none matched the connection I had with the first. One of the funniest stories was when she was mad at my mom for not letting her in the pool. We had this little tiny apricot tree that had bloomed for the first time and were almost ripe. Pepper decided to get back at mom she picked them one at a time, allowing for time to notice in between, she was so gentle and never left any teeth marks on the fruit but they got picked before ripening. My mom was furious! But happy that she neither hurt or ate the apricots.

  236. Both my daughters have two cats. I guess I am their gam gam (as one daughter says). Cats are quirky, independent and mostly easier than dogs. A few can be just as affectionate. My experience over a long life is that dogs are much more loyal and loving, though.

    I am really looking forward to your newest book.

  237. Buffy our Golden Retriever came next . Our Vet called to say two puppies were left by his door ! We went and the female was all over my husband . After just loosing his Tara he just couldn’t walk away so Buffy found herself going home with us! She was the biggest klutz! You just had to enjoy all her antics! But we loved her so much and she returned it ten fold and then some!

  238. FIDO, 🐕 was my best friend for 17 years until his death a few years ago. Unable to replace him in my heart ♥, I was able to replace him in my home with 4 cats … 🐈🐈🐈🐈

  239. My cat that I call Baby Denny and my daughter nicknamed Dentures is my favorite. He’s sweet and loving and provides great companionship.

  240. Well my favorite pet ever, was a squirrel! He didn’t start out as our pet but ended up being one of our favorites! We “adopted”him when we moved into a house years ago. He lived ina big tree that was encased in our back deck. He would come inside the back door, to say hello and eat everyday and then go back out and on his merry way!

  241. We have two dogs , Rosie and Lucey, who are sisters and are currently 12 years old. We have had them since they were 2! Rosie is definitely the alpha dog and my protector and can never have too many belly rubs in day! Lucey is the sweet one who likes to always sit next to me or even in my lap! Lucey tcan never have too many treats in one day! When I say “Do you want snack?” she does what I call the circle dance just spinning around and around.

  242. Next in line came Tara! My Granddaughter who lived with us called her Princess Tara and would put a Tiara on her head which Tara allowed her to do! .She and her sibling puppies were found in a box in a cemetery. She wound up being to my husbands side hick. She road Shot gun in hid Ranger wherever and whenever he went out! Se was a joy to us.

  243. You Lucky Dog looks like a positive ROMP of a book! I can hardly wait to begin it. Dogs have populated my life, giving joy and solace for many years.

  244. My pets are my fish, Sammy, betta, and 4 corydora catfish indoors. Outside we have lots of goldfish in our pond! I LOVE dogs and hope to have a golden retriever one day again.

  245. Had a Fox hound named Nosey because as you can guess she was into eveerything as a puppy and so was named Nosey and won quite a few ribbons in Central Kentucky shown by my Grandfather. She was quite a dog. Loved her. Have had quite a few dogs since then.

  246. We lost our blue heeler, who was named Rowdy (and he was!), on July 18, 2018. We haven’t decided yet whether to get another dog. We recently retired and plan to travel so we’d have to figure out how that would work with a dog. Rowdy was SO SMART! Our daughter taught him to play dead. She taught him to roll over on his side when you pointed your fingers, shaped like a gun, at him and said, “Bang!” He’d lie still until you told him to get up, then he’d sit in front of you until you gave him a treat. That was just one of his many tricks. I loved that dog….

  247. My favorite pet I’ve had was a black cat named Mouse. When I would take baths, he would sit on the edge of the tub and splash the water at me. He was the sweetest cat.

  248. Snoopy came next to us. The Girls got to pick any dog they wanted from the Pond and our 57 Heinz Variety came home with us, Pure black short legs in front taller ones in back. And the longest ears but oh how everyone loved her and received her love in return!

  249. we have four rescue dogs – all girls – all mostly chis they are all cute and funny and all completely different from each other

  250. I remember that we had dogs when I was young. After that, we had hamsters. I guess the memorable one would be Spike the hamster, who was my fave of the bunch. I think he ran away afterwards…

  251. I just recently adopted a rescue dog and he is amazing! Loving, cuddly, and a joy to have around!

  252. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to pick a favorite pet I’ve had over the years but currently I have three cats named: Thomas, Jack and Baloo and they’re all the perfect amount of playful and lazy.

  253. We had a sweet beagle named Chase. My son named him because Chase would chase my son around the yard.

  254. My favorite pet is our cat Cheetah. She started hanging around our house 13 years ago. We couldn’t find anyone who claimed her so we adopted her. She is spoiled rotten and thinks she is the queen of the house but we love her.

  255. Max was a german shepherd , the first dog in my new marriage and new house. He was a feral we rescued, and so loving six years later with our newly adopted baby and three years after that with our next adopted baby! He was always loving and protective and my walking buddy. He lived to be about sixteen and was very loved.

  256. We have always had cats. At one time we had 7. Right now we have just 2. Our black cat, Sheba doesn’t like other cats so we sometimes have a stand off between them. Harley is our quiet girl and is diabetic but doing well. Both our cats are 14 years old.

  257. My favorite dog was my Siberian Husky. When my son was brought home from the hospital after he was born my dog would watch over him. Cry when he was crying and sleep under his crib. She was like a mother to him. She was very good to him and let him pull her hair and crawl over her.

  258. My favorite pet was a cat named Nefertiti. She loved everyone in the house, especially my Dad, who wasn’t a cat person til her. When my Dad had cancer and was in the hospital, Nefertiti left the house and didn’t come home until he did. Like she knew he wasn’t there and knew when he came back. They were extremely close.

  259. My favorite pet actually belonged to my friend Jennifer. I don’t have any pets of my own due to being allergic to almosteverything. The dog, named Wally, was fully grown when Jen got him so she didn’t want to try to change his name. Ralph’s previous owner warned Jen that he was quite mischievous but that saying “W ally, had ddog!” Usually got him to stop. We all got so used to hearing ( and occasionally saying) Wally, bad dog! ” that that became his full name as a joke.

  260. I feel disloyal if I don’t say my current pet(s) are my favorites. I grew up a cat person in a dog loving household. When I told my parents I wanted a cat for my first apartment, they got me a puppy. They kept the puppy and I got adopted a cat, Misha, from SPCA. She was fabulous, so regal and cuddly. My parents fell in love, too. Within a year, I had joint custody with my parents. When Misha passed, I adopted Jessa and Cara. I told my parents to get their own cat. (They ended up with 3) Cara lived to be 16.5 years old and she was my girl. She was harnessed trained, and we’d go outside to garden together. She was part Siamese and very vocal. Now I have 2 “semi-feral” cats who I adopted as they were unadoptable. They are wonderful and becoming more used to me.

  261. I have two cats right now, and how can I pick a favorite?

    I found Kali on the side of a busy street on a road trip when my mom and I stopped for dinner. She was about five weeks old. Now she’s 12 years old. She’s independent and creative ( and occasionally loving.

    Pippin’s mother was a feral cat that lived near my work. He was so friendly, and particularly sweet when we first brought him home. After about two weeks, he figured he could stay and the hellion came out! He’s funny and clumsy, and he’ll drool on you when he’s happy.

    I just adore them both, when they’re not driving me crazy!

  262. My favorite pet was actually a cat name Dandilion and a dog name Spot. My cat was from a stray that we kept, got fix and she live till she was 14 yrs old . Spot was a Jack Russell Terrior which I had to run to a Clinic when she did catch Parvo when she was a puppy but I caught it just in time, given a 50/50 chance to live and she did, was fix and live 15 yrs old. I knew when it was her last day with us.

  263. Our favorite was a yellow lab that we got when my boys were little. I had a picture of a dog that I had seen online and was searching up and down the cages trying to find the dog that matched my picture. About that time my husband flags me down to show me the dog that he wanted to take home — and guess what — it was the same dog from my picture. Needless to say, she soon joined our family.

  264. Absolutely LOVE Julia London books! Thanks for the Princess Series….loved the first two books in the series.

  265. My favorite dog was my husband’s German Shepherd. I got him when he was a puppy. He was always so protective of the kids.

  266. Is it really possible to choose a favorite of your pets. We have three dogs and nine cats. We have one cat that has chosen me to be her human and she runs across counters and desks to get to me and if I’m close enough (or just close enough) she leaps into my arms and stays until she thinks she has had enough loving. Her name is Tara which is a Madagascar word for tardy because she was born 24 hours after her sister.

  267. I foster failed with my lil guy Buppie (also known as tater tot because he looks like a potatoe with a head). I’ve never had a dog before, I’ve always been the crazy cat lady. However, I could tell he’d had a rough life and even though I found him a different forever home when he got scared he came running to me. That melted my heart and I couldn’t let him go. He picked me to trust, I couldn’t betray him. It’s taken some years and lots of patience but now he’s a feisty lil guy with a surprisingly loud bark.

  268. Barley is our rescue dog. As a pup, he was very difficult to handle with many issues. Now he’s a wonderful and loving companion to all of us. He loves playing frisbee and fetch. He still has an issue with being around other dogs, but he loves being around people. He’s our only pet and we love him dearly.

  269. We have three dogs. Georgie she is a Bernese Mountain /Belgium shepherd mix. Sadie is a red heeled. Annie is a miniature dachshund mix. Our boys and dogs get to run wild on our property.

  270. I sure hope I win because I can’t wait to read this book and I love the
    book bag. If I don’t win could I buy that as well? I’m forward this email to some friends one will especially love it as she loves basset hounds!

  271. I currently have a dog and two cats, and not even under the threat of torture, would I pick a favourite. But let me tell you about Mel, he’s one of the two cats. We got them both together at the local Petsmart from a shelter adoption weekend put on by them at their store. And despite the shelter saying they came from the same house, I would swear that cat is part PUMA. Why? Because he’s over the twice the size of his so called sister, he’s so heavy that picking him up is a challenge now, yet he’s not really overweight, just built completely different than the other cats we’ve had, has the exact same colouring as that specific wild cat does, had a swayed back and prowls the house slowly and with intent just like they do in the wild. I think there’s another blood in that heir. Even the vet wonders if he’s not part wild cat somehow, because he has all the mannerisms of one, yet he’s a house cat, and so he’s adopted to being fed and loved and taken care of like any other pet does. No matter what he is tho, I’d never give him up. He can be moody and uber possessive, but he’s probably still the greatest growly Alpha I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a space with. Lol

  272. when I was a child we had a dog named Sam. She slept with me – I loved that dog

  273. My favorite pet is my baby, Bella Boo. She is an American Bulldog Boxer mix and she is my spoiled girl. She is the child I never had, and always by my side.

  274. Boy, that’s a tough question. Our last Boxer was one of the best dogs I’ve ever had such a personality and she was super smart! When we came home with another dog she instantly loved her too. My Mom passed away, and when we traveled to her home in Arkansas, her English Bulldog attached herself to me the minute I walked into the door. Rather than adopt her out we decided to keep her. She loved me and honestly at first I think she mistakenly thought I was my Mom. She adjusted well to life in California and loved her big Boxer sister dearly. When we lost out boxer she was broken hearted. She passed away six months later. That was two years ago. We haven’t been able to even think of an odor since.

  275. One of my favorite pets was my daughter’s cat Trent. Trent was a rescued barn kitten who never knew his place. 🙂 He liked to run across your head in the dead of night, stole food off your plate, dropped toxic bombs in the litter box and then literally ran from the room, and his biggest trick – when he was mad, he would shred entire rolls of toilet paper or paper towels and then would stand defiantly in the wreckage and stare you down. He is gone now and I still miss him!

  276. Oh that’s a tough one. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and love them all too pieces. When I was a child I had a pet grasshopper named Fred, I loved him dearly. Yes, I was a bit of an odd child but I still love all sorts of critters and will always rescue any in need.

  277. Oh dear, where to start, we have had so many beautiful rescue furbabies, probably the most notable was Bindi a Maltese x (she did have a baby Buffy) they were found on the street out side the hospital where I worked. We adopted them from the Council pound and when we emigrated from Australia to NH, they came with us, in the car from LA to NH and never once did they complain about all the new things and strange car and hotels, etc. and they settled in wonderfully and adored the snow. We lost Buffy in 2015 at 13 and Bindi last year at 18. We now have a rescue cockapoo Nella and a rescue Maine Coon Lily, both give tremendous joy.

  278. I had a cat who thought she was a dog. She played fetch and followed me everywhere

  279. My favorite pet is my daughter’s cat. She’s 18 years old, had a few strokes which left her blind and has a skin condition. In spite of all that, she makes her way around the house like a trooper. She makes her way upstairs to meet me when I come out of my room early in the morning. I’m the keeper of the food. She jumps up on furniture for attention, or just a comfortable lap to curl up in. I love her immensly.

  280. Growing up we had a Shetland Sheepdog, Sandy McGregor. He was my companion/friend. We were inseparable. He passed away at the foot of my bed the day I was to leave for my Freshman year of college. I still think of him fondly. He was irreplaceable.

  281. Cats are my favorite but I would never turn a dog away! Barney was a visiting barn cat that lived in the barn for 2 years. We fed it and made an insulated house for it. When our last dog passed away the cat started coming around the house more. One day it jumped pass me into the open doorway and sat in the dining room. I told it that if he wanted to stay he could. About a week or so of visits the cat moved in and was christened Barney. later we found out it was a she . Barney Barn our calico barn cat lived with us 8 more years and sadly passed away Dec,30th last year. I miss her so very much. Someday some other little one will wander by and need a home as she did. The door will be open to that one as well. Until then, sweet dreams Barn.

  282. My dog Bailey has brought so much joy and laughter into my life! She is the biggest goofball. She loves treats and Cheerios! She has to have her Cheerios everyday. I have to buy them just for her!!

  283. My favorite dog was a small, black, mutt, which my husband told people was a miniature lab……..& had people believe him. She was special to our middle daughter who had a hard time when Penny died. Penny was an intuitive dog & knew when one of the family was sad or upset.

  284. Odie is my brother’s corgie. was adopted Black and some white. Is adorable and so well behaved. So good with kids and everyone. Knows where I keep treats here and my house and in my car. He is loved by all that meet him.

  285. I have an 11 year old rescue named Red that I adopted nearly 3 years ago. He looks like a Yorkie, but probably not a pure bred. He was at the local SPCA when we were getting rabies shots for our other two rescues. I immediately fell in love with him and was told that he had been returned several times since he had arrived there. I was given Red on a 2 week trial, since no one had kept him any longer than that. I went back at the end of my first week and told them that he had found the home where he would live the rest of his life. He is a lovable ball of energy and I can’t imagine life without him.

  286. I had a snake for several years. I worked at an exotic pet store in college. I had a snake, lizards, fish, various birds, rats and even a tarantula for a while. When I graduated and moved home, my mother had a fit. Eventually, I had to give the snake away…finding live mice to feed it was a little difficult.

  287. My black lab, Rem was amazing. As a puppy, he ate everything: rocks, garden statues, drywall….. He could turn on the outside faucet (but he never could turn it off!) I had to train the delivery people to put all packages into a container, otherwise Rem would eat them. I lost many packages before the drivers were trained. He loved to play catch, whether with a ball or a frisbie or his rope, they were all his favorite toys. His rope was a security blanket, and he carried it everywhere. As he grew older, he slowed down a bit, but still never met a person he didn’t love. Give him a biscuit, he was your friend for life. When I was caring for my mother at the end of her life, Rem would give me a huge hug as long as I needed whenever I had a few moments to come home. Sadly, a few weeks after my mom passed, Rem suddenly collapsed and died. That was 8 months ago, and I still miss him deeply and look for him every day.

  288. Anubis my greyhound rescue is aging. I’ve had him for 9 years and hes two months shy of twelve. He’s suddenly decided he can no longer walk on wood floor. The thing is the entire house has wood flooring!(well except the kitchen and bathrooms, but he doesn’t like tile either.) So I’ve had to put runners and towels all over the house to get him around.

    • Maria, my 14 year old lab is the same way and we’ve done the same thing with runners!

  289. Kippy was my very first dog. He was Part German Sheppard and Part Wolf. A policeman in our city breed them and I picked the runt of the litter no one else seemed to want. He was just wonderful.

  290. My favorite dog is our dog Roxy a english springer spaniel. She technically is my son’s dog but she is my shadow. If I get up she gets up, I go to be she goes to bed. her most annoying habit though is I’m not allowed to get upset with my son. If I talk loudly and am standing at the same time she barks until I sit and am quiet. I think it may be when my son is at school (he’s starting grade 9 today) its just the two of us and I don’t talk a lot.

  291. I was extremely close to our Pekingese- Pomeranian mix baby named Gizmo. It broke my heart when he passed. He was a bundle of joy. We have a Beagle named Wesley now. He is so loving with a mischievous streak!

    I’m a dog person, but I love all animals! I’ve had dog babies, cats, a rabbit, an iguana, guinea pigs and a turtle.

  292. I can’t really choose my “favorite” amongst our herd – my hubby & I have had up to 14 cats 🐈 in our family at one point🤷‍♀️ But I believe Emmett was right up there. He left us @ 20 at few years ago. He had a personality that none of our other cats could match!

  293. Our family had a dog when I was growing up. His name was Dingo. We had him for 17 years. It’s been 31 years since he died but we still miss him.

  294. Always super-excited to read a new book with dogs included in the storyline! Can’t wait to dig in!

  295. I have had many dogs in my 75 years. One of my fondest memories is Speckles, a cocker spaniel. I live in the country and someone left him on the corner of our road. Of course I rescued him.

    He was a sweet, lovely boy. But he did something every morning when we got up. Speckles would stand on his hind legs and free fall backwards on the mattress.

  296. I just love dogs, and beside me, all my kids are happy with our Queen Mia. She is almost nine years old, with us from her birth and she is like family member. We live morning walks, she is my reading buddy, and she is an excellent keeper of our home.
    When my son was in high school, she was going with him to bus station, waiting till he catch up a bus and after that she was returning. It was each morning for 4 years.
    We love her because she is cute, adorable dog and she loves us back with everything she has.

  297. We’ve moved to the country and are thinking of getting some Muscovy ducks. Supposedly they are great foragers and eat garden slugs plus they eat mosquitos right out of the air! If they did in fact eat our mosquitos they would immediately become my favorite pets!

  298. My son Chris had a chocolate Lab named Jake. He was the smartest dog and so much fun. Jake loved stuffed animals and we would say to him, “Jake, where’s your baby?” And he would go and find the it.

    Payton came along and she loved the dog. When she could crawl, she would steal Jake’s “baby” and the he would claim hers. Then they would lay on the floor blissfully together!

  299. Bg(big guy) was the runt of his litter of 6 other kittens. He was a Persian/ Himalayan/Siamese and was so tiny we had to dropper feed him. No one thought he would make it but we told him he was such a big guy and was so strong. He not only beat the odds but he lived to almost 20. He passed from old age never having a single health problem. Now we feel him around us often and sometimes I feel the bed dip where he used to lay between us. We miss him terribly but he had a great long happy cat life the size of a raccoon so I guess big buy was not only an encouraging name but prophetic also.

  300. My dog is an American German Shepard that we raised from a puppy, she is now 6 years old & a lot of fun to play with & love. She is very smart, can hear my truck from a couple of blocks away & let my wife know I’ll be home soon.

  301. I don’t have a pet. It’s not allowed in my little condo. I just love to read about them.

  302. All my animals have their own lovable spirit that I have felt blessed with sharing. One of our most memorable ones that we lost to being poisoned was Paws.

    Paws was mostly black with a white tail tip and speckled paws. He would dive into heavy snow and pop up his head to look around like a submarine periscope then bounce up and dive again. While getting ready for work he would plant his head on my shoulder and give a deep sigh. One time we had a bat in the house he and the kids went into a bedroom while I chased the bat out. I yelled “all clear”, out comes Paws followed by my daughter then my son. I say “No I didn’t” and they all did an about-face and left in reverse order of entering. When I said “Just kidding”, the dog came in, sat down, looked up, and humphed his OK when he saw the bat gone.

    Yes, all my animals “humph”.

  303. My side-kick for the last 15 years was given to me by one of my nurses. The first time I met him he was so small I wasn’t even sure what he was- he literally was only as long as my pointer finger. Casey turned 15 years old in June and even now he is a 34 ounce tea cup Yorkie. He is blind now but he still will stay wherever I am in the living room or in my room. He loves to sleep in the crook of my knee- under the covers! When he (and I ) were younger he traveled with my husband and me- everywhere. He’s been to Oregon, Texas, Colorado, California, Arizona and many other states. Now that I can no longer travel he’s just as happy still sitting on my lap or behind my knees. When he was younger he loved being in my purse with his head peeking out while I was shopping but now that I’m old we are always together . I know I will be so alone wihout my little best friend.
    I have been told he is not hurting but he just can’t see. I pray they are telling the truth. Casey has my heart.

  304. My favorite pet is my Rescue dog Holly. I adopted her when she was 11 months old. She is now 9 years old. Holly is part Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, and Fox Hound. She has given my family and I such joy. Ever since she came into my life I have learned the true meaning of unconditional love. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to win this amazing prize. I love reading romances especially with dogs in them.

    • Congratulations, Louise!
      You’ve won this month’s giveaway!
      My assistant will be reaching out to you shortly.

  305. Favorite has got to be my current dog. His name is Romeo and he is a 7 pound Yorkie that turned 3 years old on July 15th. I’m honestly convinced he was sent to rescue me. I will spend the rest of my life thanking him.

  306. my favorite pet was my cat Little Man. He was so sweet. He would follow me everywhere even on walks. As he got old and lazy he would only follow me halfway on my walks and wait there until I got back to walk me home. I miss that kitty.

  307. I definitely have a soft spot for cats. I’m currently taking care/feeding 3 indoor cat, 3 ferals and dozens of wild birds. I still miss my persian cat Dal who passed away several years back since he was such a character. He loved sharing people food (favorite was muffins) and enjoyed piggy back rides. Thank you for the chance.

  308. My Layla is a black and white long hair Chiweenie. She is my heart, spoiled rotten, loves going to daycare, all her pack leaders and her groomer. Loves bye bye rides Andy’s frozen custard, Starbucks, and Dairy Queen. She is extremely protective of her momma (me) and her grandma. Barks every time the door opens, hears “Hello” or the bell ring. She barks at the dog on the wall(“Shadow”) and the dog on the refrigerator. She keeps me going, Gets me out of bed, wakes me when glucose gets to low or high. She has Cushings so there are days she is not herself but that does not stop her from taking care of me. Her previous owner got rid of her because she was a “bad momma” at 18 mos she had already had a litter of puppies and weaned them she was the only one left. So you can say we rescued each other. My Layla, my heart.

  309. My favorite had to be my basset hound Chester. He could be stubborn an independent but he was a good family pet.

  310. I cannot choose a favorite pet. They have all been my favorites. I have loved dogs, cats, mice, and a rat.

  311. Love books that revolve around dogs and romance.The books always are so “friendly”

  312. My little kitty, Dusty is a wonderful pet. He follows me around, loves a scratch behind his ears and drools when he purrs. He has been through a lot; having double knee surgery at a year old and going blind from high blood pressure. But he is still the sweetest boy through all of this and will be 10 in October.

  313. My dog Ditto is my service dog. He is a cortisol alert dog and a diabetic alert dog. He has saved my life countless times as well as many strangers. Because of him we started a foundation to provide service dogs to people who could not usually afford the substantial price that comes with training them. We have paired 37 handlers with their service dogs over the past 8 years and each dog has saved their handlers’s life! He helps us train the other service dogs. He teaches kids at summer camp every year about service dogs and agility. He is a three time National agility champion, top 10 Labrador breed top dock diving dog. He was awarded Nat Geo’s World’s Most Devoted Dog on 2013. He has more Facebook friends than I do. He has been in several magazines. Ditto has flown to three different countries and dozens of states with me. He is one of a kind. My partner, nurse, teammate, Antidepressant, travel buddy, alert dog, life saver and above all my very best friend! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  314. I do like animals but don’t have a pet at this time. I had cats and they suited me. Cats are independent individuals and do what pleases them.

  315. My favorite pet is my daughter’s dog Stockton. He is a Sharpe/Cocker mix. He is just a small mound of love. My grand daughter adores him.

  316. My favorite pet is my dog Cody. He was a rescue dog so I’m not sure but think he is part Bichon and Poodle. He looks more like a white poodle. He is very loving and sweet. Everybody who knows him in our condo complex loves him and always greets him first on our walks. Oh and Hi Jackie comes later.

  317. Our rescue cat, “Tom”, whom my hubby named. was what I like to call a gentleman of a cat. He treated all the cats well, including other cats that came our way. He’s passed now but I still miss him a bit. He thought he should be treated like a people, He was rescued from the local library. The front doors were open because of the heat, and he just strolled right in.

  318. I have a dog addiction and live with 3 senior boys. Sampson, Idris and Charlie. Each one of them was orphaned when their human passed. They are spoiled and loved and run the house. I have to quit reading the dog ads from the shelters. Right now there is a 10 yr old German Shepard in need.

  319. My favorite pet is our new puppy that we just got last week, a nine week old English Cream Golden Retriever who is the absolute best.

  320. My favorite pet was my horse, Lucky. He was amazing. He was also used in print ads for Coca Cola! Thank you for the chance.

  321. Ollie is my yellow lab that we rescued. He is so loyal and loving and can always sense when I’m feeling down. He loves going for walks and playing with my niece and nephews. He’s getting older and it makes me so sad to think of him not being around.

  322. it’s hard to choose a favorite pet, but I’ll tell you about one of my favorite cats, Ms. Mouser. She was a beautiful grey long haired cat and I had 19 great years with her. She was a great cuddler and she loved to purr when she was on my lap and she would knead on me while she was sucking on her back paw and she had such a look of happiness on her face. I still miss her every day.

  323. well i have a favorite dog is a sheltie, i just had to put my third one to sleep back in January, and I am waiting to get another dog for a bit.

  324. I am a dog person. I don’t have any pet now. My favorite pets were my Yorkie boy Bear and buff Cocker girl Mandy. They were gentle souls and my constant companions.

  325. My favorite pet was an unexpected addition to the family, a hamster named Harvey after the Weird Al song “Harvey the wonder hamster” He was a fan of running in the plastic ball so I would let him cruise while I got ready in the morning. One morning post-shower I came out to find he had knocked the lid off of the ball and stood looking panicked from under a bookcase. He quickly let me rescue him to be returned to the safety of his ball. It was an unexpected detour before finishing my morning routine.

  326. My favorite pet is our 7 year old yellow lab, Dixie. She is a very sweet and loving dog. She loves to chase rabbits and squirrels in the yard and an occasional cat. She is a good mole dog, digs up the pesky things and saves our yard from mole tunnels. She also on occasion has alerted us to a couple of snakes in the yard. She is a constant companion for my husband who loves working outside most of the day, she is right there with him, or just biding her time in the shade. We really do enjoy her.

  327. My favorite pet as an adult was Starbuck, a cat. He came into my life as a stray when he was about 4 months old. My daughter brought him home, but he decided I was the easier mark. He was a beautiful silver mackerel tabby. I was very sad when he left me after 18.5 years.

  328. My dog, Slinky. He is a 2 year old half dachshund/half pug rescue that I adopted last fall. He is sweet and quirky. He sleeps with me and is my constant companion. I took him with me last week to the blue Ridge mts in VA and discovered he like to climb rocks. He wore the biggest smile all day.

  329. i would love to have a siberian husky which i have never had, but maybe someday. i did have a pet turtle when i was younger and he was pretty cute.

  330. I have a little toy poodle who is so smart she had me trained in 3 days. Sadly she is now 14 years old and totally deaf but she still does what she wants and who cares what I want her to do.

  331. Hi, I have had pets (many different kinds) throughout my life. My current pet is a male tabby with a white bib and paws I call Gray Goose. He just turned 1 around either the end of May or some time in June this year. I got him as a rescue from a person who cought him outside in the streets wandering looking for food. I am retired so he’s been my companion at home but he got the added pleasure for a few months of having my son who had to stay home from March through June during the quarantine here in New York. He alternates at night as to which bed he chooses to sleep in after his after midnight prancing. I live in a basement apartment with 4 windows which gives him 4 views outside when he’s not staring out the front door which I open daily to allow light into the hallway through the locked screen glass outside door. (I have a private entry down an alleyway). He wakes me every morning by bitting my toes to feed him, especially if I try to sleep in. He’s the king of the house.

  332. My favorite dog was a standard poodle named Dallas. I had him up until 6th grade and he acted more like a pound dog vs a proper poodle 🙂

  333. I have a Turkish cat and is he spoiled. 😃 He also leaves white hair all over the place. It’s very long.

  334. Currently, my favorite pet is Elliot our potbelly pig. Elliot was abused before he came to us, so he isn’t too trusting. He acts grumpy, and snorts and grunts, but a sweetie is hiding under there somewhere. I love getting Elliot to wag his tail. That means he’s content. And I love watching him interact with our other potbelly pig, Gladys. Elliot sure makes life interesting.

  335. Gatsby is a miniature schnauzer who thinks she is an actual physical extension of me. She will occasionally grace others with her presence but her preferred spot is on my lap or sharing my pillow. The only thing she loves more than me (and this might be debatable) is food.

  336. my favorite pet was a cat I had when I was 15, he was so tiny I had to feed him with a doll bottle, he lived til he was about 16 yrs old

  337. We have two dogs and a cat – all rescues. A lifetime of loving animals has taught us how unique their personalities are and how you have to love them quirks and all. We have a 40-pound dog that thinks she is a lap puppy, an 80-pound dog that defines the meaning of puppy dog eyes and a skittish 7-pound cat who decides that the middle of the night is the perfect time to get some attention and wakes us up by gently tapping our chins.

  338. Definitely a dog. We had 2 growing up. I couldn’t pick a favorite. My sister has 4 dogs now. They follow me around when I visit and 3 end up sleeping with me.

  339. Tess, my mad Tortie puss, had Attitude with an A. She would only sit on my husband’s lap (and he didn’t want her there), she climbed the Christmas tree, she was obnoxious to visitors, etc. And I adored her and still miss her.

  340. A Grumpy foster hedgehog. All he wanted was lettuce and skittles. I gave the lettuce, but not the skittles.

  341. We have always had pets and they all are dear to my heart . we had a poodle named misty and after my dad died we had to give away his chair because she would look or sit in it and cry. She was a good and caring dog.

  342. I love my Great Dane. My son got him for me for mother’s day in 2018. He’s hilarious and keeps us young.

  343. I am without pets right now, but my neighbor has a dog, Ralph, who is just adorable.

  344. My 5 year old German Shepherd named Duchess. She is my best friend and always desires to be around me. She can never get enough chasing tennis balls and has to have a nightly ride. As much as I love her, she gives me love back even more if that is possible so it works both ways.

  345. The best things in life – puppy snuggles from Clark and Addison, and a good book . Ok should mention my loving husband who tolerates all of us.

  346. I have been rescuing dogs and cats for over 50 years. I don’t have a favorite as they all are! We currently have 2 dogs rescued and 2 cats. We were donating dog food to our local shelter in March of 2019 and i asked if they had any small dogs available as we had lost our rescue westie the year before and a maltese just came in that morning! So we came home with her the next day and she gets along with the cats and our rescue terripoo(14yrs) old. Never had a maltese before and she is a cutie patootie. She is about 8yrs old. Rescues make the best companions!

  347. I love all dogs❣️ I have always had rescue dogs and currently have three. One is a basset/Australian cattle girl, one is a beagle/corgi boy and the third is a beagle/dacshund girl! I have always loved bassets since being a little girl with a grandpa that had a basset with a litter of pups. From that moment on I was a basset lover! 🐶 Two years ago after my basset girl passed away, I had to downsize to beagles due to a health issue. I just couldn’t handle those stubborn, droopy eared love bugs! But I still have a bunch of love in my home with me. I can’t wait to read your new book – sounds funny and fun!

  348. My cat, Trapper, I had when I was a kid. We adopted him from a classmate’s family when they moved away.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  349. My favorite pet is my current dog, Belle! She is a 12 1/2 year old Beagle who has been keeping me company since my last day of work on 3/13. She follows me everywhere and is truly my best friend during the day.

  350. My favorite cat was my Siamese Sara. Sara lived to be 19 years old. She was very attached to me. She would follow me around the house and slept next to me every night. She would sit in the bathroom while I showered and greet me at the door every day when I came home from work. She loved eggs, cheese, bologna and chicken besides her cat food. She was an indoor cat. If we took her outside on the grass she would just stand there, lift on leg and not move. She did not like the feel of grass. I still miss her.

  351. I’m on my fourth sheltie and I can’t choose which one is or was my favorite. They’re all wonderful in their own way. I was actually a little nervous getting our present dog because I was afraid he wouldn’t be like the last three. But he is just as wonderful as the previous ones.

  352. My favorite pet was our dog named “Lucky”. She picked us when we followed the free puppies sign on the side of the road
    Her mother was hit by a car and she was living under the house. When we brought her home, she would only eat laying down. We figured she did this from living under the house. Lucky did this even when she was full grown. She was the absolute best fur family member

  353. When I was about six we had a black cat we called Spooky. He used to sleep on my hair and when awake lick my hair.

  354. Our black and white cat Patch. We lost her last year to illness, it was devastating loss as she was part of the family. We had her for 16 years. She was so sweet and affectionate, and would always be waiting for us by the back door when we returned from being out. I have some lovely photos of her from when she was little and into adulthood. It’s hard even writing this, but wanted to share. I think every so often would be nice to get another kitten and smother it with love, but it’s hard to make that step.

  355. We adopted a Golden/Border Collie mix last May. His name is Maddox. We called him Piranha at 1st because of his razer aharp puppy teeth. Somewhere along the way, the piranha was replaced with a chicken. He is scared of everything and everybody except for my son and me. If you go on vacation with him though and sleep in the same place overnight, he then bestows you with big, sloppy kisses. Earning kisses from Maddox has become the goal of my family and friends. He is so sweet and truly adorable.

  356. Her name is Mandy and she is our first baby. We rescued her from a pug rescue. She’s the sweetest, loves tummy rubs, people & kids, and of course treats but hates long walks lol.

  357. My Lexie is a 6 year old Cavalier king charles spaniel with a cheeky attitude, sparkling eyes and lots of love to share.
    Unfortunately, in April she had a stroke and went blind and deaf. The vet has diagnosed a brain tumor, so now our relationship is a whole new world of learning for both of us. She’s in no pain, but there’s no telling how long we will be together. She’s still beautiful to me, but l miss that she will never look at me and SEE me with those gorgeous sparkling eyes, ever again. I am loving her for as long as she remains in no pain, and if pain comes l will love her enough to let her move on.

  358. My favorite pet was my dog Duke. He was a shepherd mix. I would get home from work, he would run to me, wrap his front paws around my neck and rest his chin on my shoulder.
    I miss him so much, but have lots of fond memories of him.

  359. Yarn dust bunnies are my best pets!!!! They’re quiet, they don’t need food and occupy themselves. I do a lot of knitting for charity and the fuzz gets everywhere and makes the nicest pets.

  360. My favorite pet is my cat who chose me to adopt him. My son found him as a kitten in our woods. It only took a few days to turn him into a pet and name him Cuddles.

  361. I am sad because I no longer have a dog or a horse. I have had both species in the past. I enjoyed reading the blurb synopsis of You Lucky Dog, and would love to read it. Thanks in advance for offering this fun contest. I put the book on my wish list on Amazon so I will remember to buy it in case I do not win it. Oh heck, I had better just buy it right away. in case I do not win. I am sure I will love it!

  362. Right now we have no pets, but I have had cats, dogs and fish. My kids have had a bird, gerbil, snake and turtle.

  363. Hmm, my previous comment disappeared, so let’s do this again.

    I can’t really choose a favorite pet, that’s like asking me to choose a favorite child. I grew up in a family full of pets, whose unspoken motto seemed to be, “The more, the merrier.” This applied to visitors and pets alike. On our little 2.4 acre “hobby farm”, we raised dogs, cats, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, a ram, a miniature pony, a pony who was half a hand shy of being a horse, guinea pigs, lizards, and fish. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting, but those are the most notable. What we could not fit on our farm, we housed on my grandparents 12 acre plot of land. All of our animals had names, except for the baby rabbits who seemed to be in constant supply. And at least 75% of the livestock we raised were pets, and thus, were not intended for the butcher.

    These days, I have two dogs and a cat, and my roommate belongs to two cats. Crash is a shepherd mix, fiercely protective and loyal. Gibbs is a black and tan chihuahua, often mistaken for a mini pinscher. He thinks he’s a big dog, and lives to terrorize the cats. Burnie is my ginger tabby. He hates the dogs, can’t understand why we got a second one, and will take any opportunity that presents itself to put Gibbs in his place. Asharru and Clystra are brother and sister, pure black kitties. Clystra is very timid, and spends much of her time sleeping in her bedroom. She loves to come into the kitchen while I’m cooking, though, to rub on my legs and say hi. Her brother, Asharru, spends most of his day either on his cat tree, or on the back of my fiance’s chair. He weighs 20+ lbs, though, so I often come home to find the chair tipped backwards against the table behind it. I love all of them fiercely, and cannot imagine them not being a part of my life.

  364. A lifelong dog lover (still love dogs!), I received an email from a local shelter six years ago featuring cats. I looked at their website, and the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve had Roxy and Sam ever since. Now, a dog AND cat person!

  365. My favorite pet is my little Shih Tzu Gizmo. I got him 5 weeks after my husband passed away and I really believe that he saved my sanity. While my husband was still alive we had another Shih Tzu, Jingles who was 10 months old when I met my husband and was 18 years 5 months and 10 days old when she died. She was my precious little girl.

  366. My funny little schnauzer/fox terrier Shelby: she would run/spring/hop like a bunny when she was excited 😆

  367. Pups! Always pups. My first dog was a boxer-bulldog named Sirius (after Sirius Black). He looked scary to strangers with his snaggle-tooth underbite, but he was the biggest wuss. He was such a cuddler, so good with my nephews when they were little, and just THE softest dog you ever hugged and buried your nose into. Miss his goofy face every day.

  368. Choosing a favorite pet is like choosing a favorite child, to me. I grew up in a family where the unspoken motto was, “The more, the merrier.” This applied both to pets and visitors. At any given time, we would have one of my dad’s siblings and their broods staying with us for an extended period. They had as few as 2 or as many as 8 children, depending on which sibling it was. As for pets, we always had at least two dogs and a cat, and often also had guinea pigs, lizards, fish, rabbits, ducks, geese, a ram, goats, a miniature horse, a pony who was half a hand shy of being a horse, pigs, cows, chickens, and I’m pretty sure I’m omitting something. My mom called our little 2.4 acre plot of land our “hobby farm”, since at least 75% of the animals we raised would never meet a butcher. And yes, each animal had a name, even all 75 goats, 23 hens, 3 geese and 6 rabbits (we didn’t name their babies, as they produced too quickly, so the baby rabbits were given away)

  369. My favorite pets are my 16 year old golden retriever who sadly left us at the end of June and my 2 cats – 10 year old bonded bottle fed litter mates. Bandit, the tortie, meets me at the door whenever I come back in the house.

  370. My favorite pet was a cat called Riley. He definitely lived the life of Reilly and was the boss of our household.

  371. The last dog I had was a mutt (terrier mix) named Penny. The one thing that stands out of all my happy memories is when Penny would come in the kitchen, lift her nose in the air, and smell the food being prepared. If Penny smelled spaghetti, Penny would not eat her dog food, and of course we had to let her eat her favorite food – spaghetti.

  372. Our 14-year old Westie, MacDuff, is dying. He has bladder cancer. His Oncologist says surgery is too risky because of Mac’s other health issues including heart, lung and kidney problems. Mac also has cataracts and doesn’t hear well. In spite of all of his health issues, his veterinarians all tell us that he is such a good patient. He is on many medications which we have to disguise with peanut butter or cream cheese. He is very stubborn and strong. MacDuff has trained us well to get up off the couch to let him out or in from the outside. MacDuff used to be our little escape artist but now he stays close to the house and “lets” us catch him when someone forgets to close the fence gates. We are going to miss him so much.

  373. I have had a lot of dogs in my life but I really loved my Jack Russell terrier Willie. He was a very active, smart dog. I still miss him after all these years.

  374. We used to have a toy poodle that was so friendly and good with the kids. I loved to sit with her and comb her fur and she loved the attention. After she died I missed her so much but with the traveling we do it’s just not the right time to get a new pet.

  375. I am a cat person but I love animals in general. The more people annoy me, the more I love animals. My favourite is of course my cat, crazy Maisie, who loves to be perched up high and who plays hide and seek with my son.

  376. My favorite pet was my Shih Tzu that I had for 16 years! Her name was Muffy (I wanted to name her Fluffy like the neighbors dog, and when my mom said no to that one, I thought I was clever in coming up with a name that rhymed) and my mom got her for me when I was 5. She and my father had recently divorced and we were going to be moving to a new state, so she was meant to be a comfort for me. And she was my best buddy growing up, just what I needed at the time!

  377. All my life have always had dogs, horses and cats but the dogs win hands down!! The happy ones the lazy ones the older ones my best friends ❤️

  378. My baby name is Merle, he is a rescue. He’s a terrier mix. He is my little lover & snuggles. He love a little pink ball. Brings it to bed & very protective of it. He has to be near me. Love car rides.

  379. Dog. My granddaughter did not want him give away so talked grandpa into taking him. Chichichau terrier mix

  380. My favorite pet, was Shay Angel. She was a big fluffy rescue dog. She loved to sit in my lap and put her head on my shoulder. When I told people this and then they saw her size, well….let’s just say that their reactions were very comical. Shay Angel weighed about 80 pounds but don’t try to tell her that she was too big or heavy. She thought of herself as still being a little puppy. I can not tell you how man times she knocked me over from running into me. I think it was her way of getting the snack that I was carrying. Even though we got her her own bed, she preferred mine and would even share my pillows! We couldn’t use the word walk or even spell it because she would start doing a dance and race back and forth to the door as if to say “Are you coming?” The saddest day was when her hip went out on her and the vet said the kindest thing to do would be to put her down because of her age and the surgery couldn’t be guaranteed, her quality of life wouldn’t be what we would want it to be because of the type of injury she would be in pain. May have kinder for Shay Angel but not for all of us that loved her and miss her.

  381. I currently have 2 little dogs. One is a 9 pound morkie and the other is a 16 pound rat terrier/ chihuahua mix. The delights of my life.

  382. In January of this year my husband and I rescued a Havanese mix puppy that we named Gracie. She is full of energy and loves her walks. She kept my husband and I sane through the COVID-19 lockdown in March and April. My husband, who kept saying he didn’t want a dog is thoroughly smitten! I really believe she was a gift from God. So many things lined up perfectly for us to get her. We are Blessed!

  383. My puppers are my favorites…but I can’t pick one among them. They are my fur kiddos and equally bring love it my life and a smile to any day. ♡

  384. I have the best rescue dog ever. Her name is Sarah and is an indeterminate breed. A friend posted her picture on FB from a farm animal rescue site. My husband went to see if she would fit our family and she does. She is a sweetheart from day one. He tail is always wagging and she is happy to greet friends and family. Our family laughs because she rings the doorbell to come in from outside. She waits patiently while her feet get wiped off and then is ready for more playtime. I think Sarah is what we needed in or lives at this time.

  385. My favorite pet is my dog Ruby! She’s a long-haired German Shepherd and the sweetest, most social dog ever, although she has her mischievous side at times too. I got her at 10 months old and she’s a little over two now, so beginning to settle down a bit and become a very wonderful companion to me in my retirement. You Lucky Dog sounds like a wonderfully fun story, I’m looking forward to reading it.

  386. We had a Keeshond named Keesha (of course). She was one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever known! She gave us many years of sweet dog love & devotion. I still miss her very much.

  387. My favorite was a cat named Sylvester he turned out the over head light why he was ready to go to bead.

  388. We had a ferret named Rascal who was truly a rascal. He’d chase the bunny around and bite at his tail. The bunny would run, dragging Rascal behind him. 🙂

  389. My fluff ball of love was my Tibe. Name means little baby. He was a Pomeranian. He’s no longer on earth but brought many years of joy to me and my family.

  390. Growing up , we had a peek-a-poo dog. Fluffy and her brother Smokey flew from New Mexico to Indiana

  391. You Lucky Dog sounds a good read. Thank you for the opportunity to know you, Julia London, and your book.

  392. I love dogs and they love me too. When I walk around my apartment complex dogs come to be to be petted. Since I work I don’t have time for a dog. I am a cat mommy. She is a darling orange tabby named Bunty. I do believe she is part Maine Coon.

  393. I had a chocolate point Siamese named Hershey. She hated all makes except my dad. If my parents had company over, Hershey would jump up on back of chair or sofa that their male friend was sitting on and whack them upside the head! Very thankful she didn’t scratch! She was alot of fun, she loved to go outside with you and sunbathe while you did yard work. She loved to play fetch and would even open a cupboard to get out her toys.

  394. That would be our dalmatian, checkers. She was always smiling and had one blue eye and one brown. If the gate was open she would wait at the gate for you, as if the gate was shut. She was the runt of the liter and had very few spots. Never seen a happier dog.

  395. When I first moved in with my now husband, he had a sweet Black Lab named Candy. When I lost my job & Rich went to work, she’d keep me company. Rich had to put her down a few months later, she was 18 years old. I wish I had known her when she was a puppy, Rich always tells me stories about her.

  396. We’ve has lots of dogs. Our last was a part poodle and terrier (before they got trendy). He was great and smart. We got him from a pet rescue. Best dog ever!

  397. When a friend of the family asked us to take care of his pup while in the hospital , we told him sure. We had her six weeks while he was healing from brain cancer, and we fell in loved with his dog. When he came to pick her up she was so happy to see him again, and he was so pleased to see her! He only had her back for five weeks when he called to ask us if we would take his dog again. He was going to a nursing home because the cancer was back and no hope to recover this time. When a family member brought him back we was happy to take her. It’s been two years now and she is the most loving dog! We were not looking for another dog ( we already had one) but she took over our hearts!!!! Her name is KIYA.

  398. I love all my furbabies, but currently my attention is being taken up by my sweet Coonhound boy, Kenji. He was diagnosed with lymphoma about 1-1/2 months ago and has been under treatment for it for the past month. I worry so much about him. He’s getting better, but his left eye has high pressure and likely he’ll be blind in it. Right now we’re working to keep it from rupturing and he started taking basicly glacauma drops. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rupture. I’ll get him a fun eye patch if he does lose the eye. As long as the lymphoma goes away.

    • Favorite pet was my sweet dog. She was a yellow lab who could sit, speak, lay down, play dead, and steal your heart.

  399. My 2 rescue dogs, Ella & Molly. They lie under my desk every day while I work & LOVE walks!

  400. Our sat dog was a basset named Homer. He was a tri color like the cover picture. The most loving boy but stubborn as most hounds are. He is missed by all who knew him

  401. My favorite animal is a dog! They give us wonderful greetings, unconditional love, laughs and companionship! What would we do without a dog?

  402. Sophia is a pit bull/basset mix. She’s the sweetest and most even-tempered dog we’ve ever had. She whimpers/whines a bit to get our attention, but hardly ever barks (I think I’ve heard bark 5 times in 8 years).
    Thanks for the chance.

  403. I have two favorite pets– Percy and Spaz are same litter part Maine coon cats. These are two well behaved but spoiled felines. They are housecats and do not go outside to roam. They each have a stroller so they can go outside. (To big to share a stroller so have their own personal ride.) They also have a three story homemade cateo they play in or watch the birds from the patio. Due to the extreme heat this summer, they have an oscillating fan to cool them.
    Inside our home they have a cat tower in every room plus one in a bay window they love to lay on and watch the birds and people go by.
    Percy got his name because as a little kitten, he insisted on getting his own way…persistant kitty became Percy.
    Spaz was pretty spastic as a kitten. I could be holding him in my arms petting him and he would flip onto his back for a tummy rub or jump onto the shoulder to look around. All without warning so spastic kitty became Spaz.
    These boys are my joy and peace.

  404. My favorite pet is Hank our pit bull. He is the biggest baby ever and always just wants to cuddle! He doesn’t care if he’s cuddling with the family, the other dogs and cats, or just a blanket. As long as he is being held.

  405. I had my beloved Snoopy for 17 years. He died 30 years ago and I still miss him. He was a tri-colored Basset Hound.

  406. My favorite pet was my cat, Spooky. I had her when I was a young girl. She was a great companion and friend to me.

  407. This is a story of a man who proclaimed his distaste of cats. He moved in with his girlfriend (🙋) whom had a fiesty calico. He gradually found that the large kitty was a good choice for wrestling that he previously had enjoyed with a dog.
    Fast forward to a trip to the local pet store. While the girlfriend (🙋)was checking out, a small tortoise shell calico was in a cage. On the cage was a sign explaining that the cute little cat would have to go to a shelter if nobody took her home.
    After leaving the store, walking to the car, the man asked why we couldn’t have more than one cat. Taken aback, the girlfriend (🙋) reminded the man of his distaste of cats. Well, the man said, we should save the little cat. Not telling me then that the cat had been reaching for him.
    So, back we went and saved the kitty. The girlfriend (🙋) told the man he got to name her. Her! She was thenceforth known as Pirate! She’s had a lasting legacy as each new tortoise shell calico had Pirate in their name:
    Pirate’s Mate
    Pirate’s Patch
    And the latest, Pirate’s Mess.

  408. My favorite pet is our new Japanese chin puppy, Koemi. Her name means little laugh or small smile. She is a cute, lively, little girl who I am sure will bring us lots of laughs and smiles.

  409. Darcy is a chihuahua terrier mix. She has big ears that perk up when she listens to who might be at the door. She dashes in quick circles when she gets all excited. She likes for me to throw the ball down the hall so she can chase after it and toss is up in the air. Then she leaves it in the hall and comes back waiting for me to through the ball that she left in the hall.

  410. We have fur babies everywhere and have always. I grew up on a farm thus my love of animals carried with me upon starting my incredible adventure with my husband over twenty-five years ago. Along with three truly remarkable children we have had chickens, goats, ferrets, turkeys, ducks, dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, and even a snake. But my favorite by far is a very unique American white bulldog, Bo Bo (Bo). Four and a half years ago when pulling up to bus stop we noticed a woman standing along side of the back of a truck. There were a few others walking up and talking to the lady. She would hold up these tiny puppies. I told my middle son to run into store (its where there bus stop was) to get me a breakfast plate. Hi, if I had to get up early to drive them I wanted breakfast, lol. Anyway, on his way back he told me the lady was giving puppies away for free and he and his sister turned those innocent eyes my way knowing I can not for the life of me say no. So Sterlin and Trinity went to look closer. They came back very excited. Sterlin was so proud when he said, “Mom, I picked out the littlest one so it won’t grow to big”. I didn’t have the heart to explain that is was a runt. Needless to say, they got on the bus and mommy took the puppy home. The puppy was supposed to be theirs but with their school, sports, church, etc I took care of Bo. Bo was with me pretty much from day one. Slept in my bed nightly and all. Trinity and Bo eventually became very jealous of each other and fought like brother and sister. Bo is super protective of me. He will lay across me or get between me to try to keep hubby or kids from hugging on me or loving on me. He is still in my bed nightly. He will lay straight like a human with his head on a pillow and the rest of him covered up. ( Husband works nights so Bo keeps taken his spot) Bo is on couch with me when I watch TV. He is in the kitchen the whole time I am cooking. Even when I soak in bath with my Kindle for hours he is right there waiting. I have never had an animal that loves showers as much as Bo. If I don’t shut him out he will come in every single time when I am in shower. He uses his nose to open shower door and walks in and just sits down. He has done this to my husband a few times. He doesn’t fine it as cute as I do. It breaks my heart each time he manages to open the front door and presses his face against the glass door as I leave the house each time. I have never been this close to any animal before though I have always loved animals and had animals.

  411. Because I was allergic to most animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses) I only had a pet goldfish!

  412. His name Mister Winston. I named him that because he was a very Regal Labrador cross. He was such a gentleman and it was very hard when his time here on Earth was up. Everyone should be so lucky

  413. Penny, my Aussie passed last Feb.2020 after 14 years. She was the best dog I have owned in my 70 years of life. She was sweet, obedient, and a great companion. I have decided not to adopt another pet. She cannot be replaced.

  414. My favorite pet was a dog named Dooley. He was the right dog at the time when I needed him the most. H kept me company during many health problems.

  415. I have two large and lovely female Great Dane/Mastiff dogs. They are super friendly and full of energy.

  416. My favorite pets are dogs. I have 3 right now and they all have different and strong personalities. They have me very well trained.

  417. I have a dog and a cat. They drive my crazy, especially, when it’s 2 AM and the dog wake us up, because cat decided to come back home……it happens almost every night

  418. My favorite animal is a monkey. I’ve always wanted to own one, they look so cute and cuddly, even if they are really mean.

  419. Our favorite dog is our Pug named Zoey. She is 5 years old. Loves people, gets very excited when anyone comes over. She has been in several “issues” of my husband’s work newsletter, whether wearing a mask, floating in the pool, being a “backseat driver”, or just playing around, they love to see her picture. She is a very special dog.

  420. I have have had several dogs. They all have done endearing things. Currently the older one, Joy, follows me into the bathroom. She must think we are having a scheduling meeting for treats.

  421. My favorite pet ever was my Mousie. She was a calico cat we adopted from the shelter. She had been weaned too soon and decided I was the mommy cat, so she’d knead my arm and snuggle like a kitten. When my daughter didn’t feel good, she’d bring her a stuffed animal. We lost Mousie last January, but she gave us 18 years of unconditional love and joy.

  422. I have loved dogs since I was a kid. When our pet hamster passed, we decided to get a pet with a longer lifespan because we had only had Sam for 2 years and it broke our hearts. I wanted a turtle. It was going to be named Merlin, regardless of the sex. I was out voted and we got a sweet puppy from the animal shelter. She and her sisters are mixed breeds and she looks like a rottweiler while her sisters looked like golden labs. They were jumping up and down when they saw me and my husband, but not Maggie. She looked so sad I asked if we could go in the kennel. As soon as we went in the blondes were trying to climb us, but I went straight to Maggie and picked her up and only handed her to my husband so I could sign the paper work and immediately grabbed her back. That was 8 1/2 years ago. In my homemade Mother’s Day card this year, my kid’s listed my good qualities and one of them was being Maggie’s best friend.

  423. Good heavens, pick a favorite pet? With three loveable rescued greyhounds, each with his own distinct personality, I won’t choose among Darby, Lauris and Benji.

  424. My favorite pet is actually named Lucky! She is a dog from the animal shelter. I named her Lucky because I was lucky to have her and she was lucky to finally find a good home.

  425. We have a very large yellow cat who was a feral kitten that showed up in our yard. He loves to cuddle in bed. Unfortunately for me he usually winds up with 3/4 of the space and I’m on the edge.

  426. I have Two indoor cats, Ridley and Lola Bear. Two boys who I love so much. I also take care of eight outdoor cats that I also love. I’m going broke feeding them. Thank you

  427. I’ve had lots of pets, but my favorite is the dog that I had from ages 10-17. Sally was a goofy Golden Labrador who loved me through all those awful middle school years when I felt supremely unlovable. I also spent a crazy amount of time with her so she was the best trained dog that I have ever had.

  428. I can’t choose one favorite pet. I currently have one dog and two cats. All my pets (present and past) are/were my favorites.

  429. I do not currently have a pet. My favorite pet was a German Shorthair dog that our family had when my brother and I were in our teens! Her name was Lady and she was a great family dog, except every spring when she would get spring fever and managed to run away to the neighbor’s farm property and roll in the newly manure covered fields and roll in it until she was covered! That wasn’t such a fun job to clean her up, but she was our and we wouldn’t think of not having her!

  430. My favorite pet is my son’s Heinz 57 dog, Smoky. He loves to play tug of war, almost never barks and is so well behaved. He almost always brings the ball back & drops it at your feet. Even when encouraged, he hesitates to sleep on our bed when he visits. He even gives hugs (wraps his neck around my neck)!
    Smoky is a bit afraid of small animals, like kittens or a new puppy. He will back away after taking a sniff or two.

  431. Little Lucy, a beagle pupper. Lucy is a lover and cuddle should be her middle name.💞💞💞💞

  432. My dog Coke is everything, he’s my best friend, my therapist (he doesn’t talk back, if he did I’d need a real therapist but let’s me vent), my comfort and now he stays with my parents while I’m at work and they call me during the day just to tell me something he did that made them smile .

  433. A turtle named Cekirdek, which is Turkish for sunflower seed. Don’t ask me why I named him that.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  434. I love my pup, Teddy. He is a Yorkie-mix, 8-1/2 years old, and 9 pounds. He’s a snuggle bunny, alsways up against me. Thanks for the chance.

  435. What an amazing giveaway! I have been so excited to read the book and share about it on my bookstagram! Thanks for the chance!

  436. I was fortunate to have been owned by a Scottie named Mitzi for 8 years. She was quite a character. Whenever she was mad at me she would crawl in !y husband’s lap and look over her shoulder at me as if she was saying look at where I am! “

  437. My favorite pet is my furbaby Mai Thai. She’s a tuxedo cat and a load of laughs. She always makes me smile. Her antics are just what the Dr. Ordered, so to speak. I’ve been a lucky girl with my cats over the years.

  438. I have the sweetest lil Yorkie you’d ever want to see, but unfortunately she can’t anymore,my Sophie is 12 1/2 years old and has just gone blind. She is managing to get around by its a learning thing for both of us. Other than her sight she is one hot to trot gal and loves life and playing. I wish I could attach a picture too to share her with you.

  439. My favorite pet is my dogs. I have had them for over 10 years and have always been so special in my life.

  440. Boo was my rescue border terrier/mix. He was protective and wonderfully hard headed, as terriers can be. He would bark at my husband if he moved close to kiss me hello and that became a game for them. Husband would tease Boo and Boo would nip at him. I still miss that dog. He was one of a kind!

  441. We have a husky named Poe. He’s classic husky, where he’s a bit too smart for his own good and also can be a bit of a drama queen. I adore him!

  442. I can’t really claim a favorite pet. I currently have 8 cats and 11 dog. No matter what kind of day I’m having, at least one of them can bring a smile to my face. All were rescued from abusive or neglected situations. I lost my oldest cat this past Friday and another dog two years ago.

  443. I have read quite a few of your books and I’m really looking forward to this one! Before I took over caring for my elderly parents I had retired and was a dog walker and pet sitter! So I know I would love this book!

  444. My favorite pets are my grand dogs. Poppy is a mini pin who is full of lots of energy. Austen is a King Cavalier who is sweet and cuddly. Both bring me laughs, smiles and joy.

  445. My favorite pet are dogs. I’ve had many dogs through the years and my favorite breed is the schnauzer. My mom had one, Missy, and when my mom passed away in 2010 Missy became mine. She was 9 and she had known me all her life as I lived next door so it was an easier transition for her. I had her another 8 years before heart failure took her from me. I was devastated and didn’t want another dog but a year and 3 weeks later 14 schnauzer’s were surrendered to our local humane society from a breeder. My daughter sent me the link on Facebook and I thought about it and decided I would go see them the next day. There were only a few left when I went the next day and I ended up adopting two girl’s, Jasmine and Tink. I didn’t realize how lonely I had been until they came to live with me (and my hubby). They truly have filled a void that Missy left. I love schnauzer’s because they’re smart, loyal and protective.

  446. I had a mini schnauzer named Lou who was blind. He learned our yard and house quickly and was always so happy. He was my heart dog. I miss him still

  447. Majic, a beautiful huge black cat, he was given to us because the family that he was living with didn’t have time for him, and they were really dog people. He was high energy and needed lots of attention which got when he came into our house, 3 teens to play with and babysitter kids during the day! He had the best attitude!

  448. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely prize. My fingers are crossed. Wish me luck!

  449. Woo Hoo! Thanks for the chance to win books & swag! We have 5 kitties currently, most are rescues: Fluffy, Kimo, Pepper, Si’i, & Paul. They are all very spoiled & love attention. Paul was actually dumped in our neighborhood by a disgruntled neighbor a few years ago, skinny, bedraggled & wounded, & we found out via his chip that he was part of an urban colony 20 miles away. The caregiver happily relinquished him to us since he took care of 17 cats, & we have had him for the past 5 years.

  450. My favorite pet was a big goofy but loving German Shepherd named Tonka, that my parents had got after our first dog died. He was absolutely so sweet and just wanted to be anywhere I was. He was a klutz and so silly but I loved that dog so much. Unfortunately we lost him to kidney disease.

  451. Cat. Been taking care to trap, neuter, vaccinate and return stray cats in my area for a few years.

  452. I have a lifetime of pets, and all of them are my favorites! I’ve had cats, dogs, a hamster and chinchillas. I will tell you about my current love. She is a miniature Australian Shepherd. If you google that, you will be enchanted. She looks like a creature from Middle Earth. I cherish every minute with her. She loves to cuddle on my lap in the morning while I drink a cup of coffee.
    This book looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to read it.

  453. My favorite dog was Buttons, a toy poodle. He would wait for me at the top of the steps, knew when the bus was coming and the girls were coming home from school.

  454. My current favorite pet is my rescue dog, JJ. He’s a cute little guy with a bit of a snarky personality. We love him.

  455. I can’t wait to read your new book. I love your work. We have 4 dogs and 2 cats.

  456. I would have to have two favorite pets! I have 2 Siberian huskies – Mozart is 5 years old and Aurora just turned 4 years old. I love their sibling relationship – just like humans they fight over toys but they are each other’s best friend. They never let one another out of sight and whenever they settle down they are right next to each other. Aurora has a dwarfism gene so she is only about 23 pounds – a lap husky! Although Mozart has 30 pounds on her, she rules the roost. They are the best dogs and give so much love to me. Mozart can do a husky talk and says “I love you” although his favorite word to say is “Noooooo!” They keep me entertained all the time and I love them to pieces!

  457. We had a dog, Rinky, when I was young. He got him from a neighbor who couldn’t take care of him anymore. My siblings and I were so excited over this shaggy, black, mixed mutt, that we all fell in love with.

  458. I have a 10 year old Irish Setter who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She tolerates her two insulin injections every day. She loves to chase rabbits, squirrels, and birds in our fenced in yard. She provides joy to my husband and me each day.

  459. Bosco is a cross between a pug and a beagle – looks like a beagle built like a pug – he is a lovable dog

  460. Dog! My girl Zoe just passed but am getting a new girl Cookie at the end of September 🙂

  461. Oh my gosh my fav pet is one of my pups whose name is D.O.G. He looks like a little cattle dog as he is black and white but he is a chihuahua. Hubby picked him up from a home that was gross and when he walked in I right away put him in the bath as there were so many crawling things on him. Then we fed him and we could tell he hadn’t eaten in awhile. He crawled up on my lap and fell asleep. Since then he has gotten into our hearts he is just so cute he loves nature and when he goes outside he sits and watches the birds that fly over, We nicknamed him Tom Sawyer as he loves to investigate he goes all over the land and just looks. He forgets what he is supposed to do out there. Then he follows my scooter around all over the house even in the private room he goes out to his peepee pads and thinks he is supposed to go also. He loves his naps he has to be on the right side of me and then he stretches out for a long nap. If I am reading he gets under my arm and pretends he is reading it is so funny. When he is outside and if he does what he is supposed to he gets a treat well he has hubby tricked as if he doesn’t he still sits in his special spot like he has went and he gets a treat, That was supposed to last a month or so but now has continued for 6 months. When I am not in my fav reading chair he goes up and lays on his back and sleeps. He has a few spots on his underside so it is funny to see, He is so so loving and he loves his older sister he sits on her, he sleeps on her,if she is in his spot he will stand on her till she moves. He loves to look out at the window when there are deer or rabbits he gets so excited he runs circles to tell you something is out there and hubby gets up and looks. He loves to ride but is so excited when he knows we are going he falls asleep in the truck on my shoulder. I am so glad that we found him and he is a perfect fit for us!

  462. my Favorite pet was my cat named Mitzi. She would wake me up in the morning to feed her by purring in my ear. I’m so glad that we had a chance to have her for many years as I was growing up.

  463. Favorite would be our Husky who was a great companion to my Mom when she went through chemo.

  464. My favorite animal was a green cheeked conure named Fred. I raised him from the second he hatched. He was the smartest bird I have ever seen. I taught him how to talk, he could say just about as many words as a 2 or 3 year old child. I also taught him how to play dead, so when i would clip his wings I would tell him to play dead, so in my hand he would flop over onto his back. I would then tell him to spread his wing out, once he did I would start to clip his flight feathers. With every clip I made he would yell out either ouch or oh oh and would pretend to cry. He did this on both wings I always had a good laugh at that. He was only in his cage at night otherwise he was on his big perch. He also loved to give kisses and try to clean my teeth. I had him for 4 year and then my house was broken into and ransacked and they had also broke Fred’s neck, because Fred could speak and tattle on this person. So needless to say it broke my heart. This happened 18 years ago and I still haven’t been able to bring myself to get another bird baby.

  465. My current favorite is Isis,a 15 y/o Dachshund. She is becoming younger every day since discovering a new food she loves…Cesar Canine Cuisine. The pates especially. She thinks she needs to wolf them down 3-4 times a day, starting at 6AM. She will jump up and down and bark if I am not quick enough getting it ready.

  466. I have never had a pet! My mom had cats when she was younger, so then when I was growing up (living with both my mom and grandmother), my grandmother said I couldn’t have any! She didn’t want to go through it again!

  467. Our previous dog, Coco was a small sweet white poodle. When she died I cried for days. No more dogs-I told my husband 😢. A year later he located a shelter dog that is a mix. Blind in one eye, over fed, dense white and wheat spotted fur. Yes, she is with us today and brings us great joy.

  468. I have 11 cats, all rescued and indoor. They are super sweet, and for the most part, get along well with each other…

  469. I don’t have one I have 3…we have the 3 best fur babies ever. Bear the sweetest Great Dane ever, Ruby the most snugly Shepard mix and Theo are newest 7 week old yellow lab puppy! To say the least we like our big playful babies!

  470. My favorite pet is Harve. He was a longhaired (all white) boy. Dumb as a bag of rocks, but he was MY dumb bag of rocks! He was born in my closet, so I had him from birth, sharing him with his mother, of course!

  471. As a kid, I had a beagle/terrier mix named Missy and two tabby cats named Joe and Sheba. They were all fantastic pets with their own personalities and quirks.

  472. My favorite pet was a Siberian Husky named Alexis. I adopted her eight weeks after my mother died after struggling with kidney disease for ten years. During those ten years my mother and I became best friends and when she died I was devastated, lost and unable to carry on without her. Enter Alexis! She was a loving, spunky, and totally loyal companion. She immediately sensed my grief and knew how to give great hugs. I think we truly needed each other and I’m so fortunate that we had sixteen wonderful years together. I miss her and I’m so grateful that she came into my life at a time when I was lost and in need of some love and understanding. Alexis was at my wedding, welcomed my two sons into the world and was always ready to share her love. She was simply the best gift I could have ever received. The most loyal dog ever. She will always be in my heart.

  473. Bumblebee–My grandfather used to take an old wooden cigar box and cut a large rectangle in the flap-top. He would then install a piece of screening to the top. He had my mother save the glass milk bottle dish like tops so I could use them as feeding dishes. We would then sprinkle the bottom of the box with fresh grass and wild flowers. He would then go to a nearby fruit tree and catch a bumblebee. He would place the bee in the box and then showed me how to mix sugar water to put in the milk bottle top and place the topping the box without letting the be go. Everyday I would change the grass, flowers and sugar water dish. Toward the end of the summer we would release the bee back to nature. Sometimes the bee would return and sit on my shoulder. This were THE OLD DAYS.

  474. Growing up I had a chocolate poodle named Sanko. He was my birthday gift. My dad was a Marine who was in Vietnam (1968). The minute my dad got home, Sanko became his dog. Anything my dad did or ate, this dog did. This included eating onions , salad anything my Daddy ate. 😂

  475. My favorite dog right now is my Grand-puppy. When my daughter adopted a cute rescue puppy she was told was “beagle-like” as she wanted. One look I knew it was not a beagle! It took a year to convince her that he was an Italian Greyhound. The little fellow is the perfect pup for a family that loves jogging.

  476. I have 2…Baxter the golden retriever and Harold the female cat. He’s 3.5 years, she’s maybe 6 months. Together they keep us entertained!

  477. I have two dogs, Sampson and Charlie. Sampson is a beagle/bulldog mix and a big baby. The other dog is tiny, yet he rules the house. He starts his yapping and Sampson hides. They sleep together and like to steal each other’s treats.

  478. Current pet is always the fav! Lots of dog treats to MAX, our black pointing Labrador retriever. Fantastic pheasant hunter and bundle of love.

  479. Living on a farm, I have MANY favorite ‘pets”! 🙂 I have to say my top favorites is definitely my blue heeler, Blitzen, who is my side kick, shadow, ride or die best friend! She helps me around the farm and in the house. My top “farm” pet would have to be my almost 2 year old Holstein heifer, Daisy. She is my “diva” girl! She will turn her head just so when you take her pictures (she believes her side profile takes better pictures!). My 8 year daughter can even ride Daisy around the pasture.

  480. My favorite pet was Corky. Springer spaniel, black and white, loveable, enthusiastic. Such energy running with my siblings and me around the apple orchard behind our home in Salt Point, N.Y. Playing hide and seek with our cousins from the city. Older sister on her horse, Bronco, while the rest of us would hide. Corky, right beside me hiding under apple trees. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about my memories of her.

  481. I have been Lucky to have several favorite pets. Right now I have Snickerdoodle Hippity Hop ZuZu Doodlebug. He is a handsome rescue that I am now the proud owner of. He helped my mom and me get over some very rough times. Who knew 8lbs could give so much love.

  482. This sounds so good. Off to order this.
    I have two older cats and they boss me around. lol

  483. Every dog and cat I’ve ever owned was and is my favorite. One that I still occasionally call his name (when calling my 2 current pets) – Abbott. He was a very large Bassett Hound with ears that we walked on constantly, drug through water and anything else! Shake that head of his and throw slobbers six feet high – I was constantly washing walls. He went everywhere with us and loved the attention he got at fast food drive ins when we ordered him his plain hamburger and water – girls would be hanging out the window and he loved the attention. My husband said if he’d known a Bassett was such a “babe” draw he’d gotten one at 16!

  484. My favorite pet was my cat who I just lost in June. She was my everything and it has been a struggle. She and I went through a lot together.

  485. My 2 dogs are Olivia and Snowball- they are my hearts and best friends❤️ Since hubby went to Memory Care in Jan. Of 2019- not even old. Now with Covid they are pretty much my only companions- don’t know what I would do without them. I read every book featuring dogs that I can get my hands on.

  486. Can’t wait to read You Lucky Dog! Your books are always entertaining and a good escape.

  487. A cat we used to have named Tiger (a.k.a Meow-Meow). He was was a very friendly animal and rarely ever got mad, unless highly provoked to be so.

  488. We recently adopted a puppy from the Orange County Rescue Orange County. The Mom is German Sheppard but who knows who’s the Daddy! Finn is black with white markings on his chest and has black and white toenails! He’s now 11 weeks old.

  489. My favorite pet is Tiger Lady, an 8 year old German Shepherd mix. She is a very loving and protective family member. She loves to run with me, and she loves to be read to.

  490. I have four dogs, one of which is at the vet dentist today. Jack is an 11 YO rat terrier mix who has horrible teeth. And he goes into heart block under anesthesia, so has to go to a specialist. $$$ But we love them all! You Lucky Dog was in an Amazon envelope on my front porch when we arrived home after dropping him off this morning (an hour’s drive away). Will start reading it tonight, after we pick him up and we know he is okay.

  491. Mini schnauzer mom here, Spencer (1st) was perfect gentleman, used to crawl in grandma’s lap, only family pet ever allowed to do so. Fritz (2nd-current, in contrast is like the school bully. He was expelled from group training. He’s mellowed some but still likes to try and “herd” me. He loves salad, as well as fruits. When we are fixing our dinner salads we have to do a small one in his bowl with his kibble

  492. We loved our Molly. Sweet golden doodle who went to doggie Heaven a couple years ago. She was 12 and had a tumor.

  493. Right now I have a rescue dog, Ren and a bunny, Suki, who is 10 1/2 years old. Ren is such a cutie. After he got over his being scared all the time he was really lovable. Very smart too. Great company since kids are moved out. Suki, well, she is a little grumpy and doesn’t come out of her cage any more. Doesn’t bite or anything, just doesn’t like being out.

  494. My favorite pet would have to be my three Yorkies. We call them the three amigos. They are from the same litter and so much fun! Their names are Rosie, Tinkerbell and Oliver.

  495. I had 2 cats for 18 years. cuddly and fun to watch as they played or slept together

  496. I love dogs! I can’t have one where I live, but whenever I am out and about and see a dog it instantly gives me a smile.

  497. I have a dog and a cat and they are the best pets I’ve ever had! Each of them has such a unique personality and I love them so much! Thanks for the chance!

  498. Cats are usually my favorite, but I had a Sheltland sheepdog when my daughter was younger that I absolutely loved.

  499. My beautiful, sweet ,black cat . We recently adopted her and she makes us very happy.

  500. I had a bunny that my husband bought me as my wedding present. I ended up being allergic to him, but he was still a cute, adorable dwarf bunny.

  501. Hello. My favorite pet was a very smart cat who just knew all my buttons to push to get my attention.

  502. Our favorite dog is Peepers (Mr. Peepers to be exact), he is a Papillon Pom mix, all black, even his eyes. He is half ours and half our daughters, lol. We lived together for the first few years of his life (2013 – 2017) but three years ago we all moved from Florida, us back home to Nebraska and our daughter and her family to Missouri so we let her keep Peepers with her since he was used to being with his brothers and sisters (one more dog and about five cats, lol), besides the fact that we moved into an apartment and keeping him with us would have been a little for difficult.

    We miss him but we do visit him once in a while and he has come to visit us some too. He was a good companion for my husband since he became disabled in 2012, one of the reasons we got him. But sometimes life gets in the way and we did what we thought would be better for Peepers.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  503. Our favorite family pet was a red eared slider turtle. My children enjoyed watching him; especially when they fed him a small fish.

  504. I have 2 dogs , Ellie, a rescue dog and Reese a rescue dog from our son. They are best buddies and our constant companions.

  505. My silly indoor cat,Tiny, who waits by the window for me to return from every dog walking session. He insists that he get treats too when I hand them out to the dogs!

  506. Morris. A re-homed, long, white haired cat. He has orange face and tail, and more personality, cat personality, than I’ve ever seen in any of the cats I’ve ever had. If he’s not fed on time, he jumps up on any surface in front of me and proceeds to knock items off until I get a move on. He loves to play tag with my grandkids and the dog.

  507. My favorite pet is my sweet little dog, Skipper. He is my reading buddy as long as we have his toy monkey with us 😊

  508. I have had both cats and dogs as pets….I loved each of them. Our family also had 3 guinea pigs. One morning we woke up and had 5 guinea pigs….we bought a faulty one who was pregnant.

    Loved them all too. And although they were at the end of the house farthest from the fridge, when the fridge opened, all 5 of them cried. We believed they were saying “FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD”.

  509. My favorite pet was our dog, Watson the dachshund! He was born the week of mine and my husband’s wedding and my parents gave him to us as an early Christmas gift that year. In a way, he was our first baby! He passed away a few months after his 10th birthday and it was devastating for our whole family. Our three children, who were five, four and just shy of two at the time, were so lost without him as they have never known life in our home without him. He was supposed to be a miniature dachshund but I think the miniature gene skipped him. 😂 He was anything but small! He was the most playful and loyal dog that I’ve ever had and we still haven’t been able to bring ourselves to replace him.

  510. My dog Spike, 22 or so years old and still going “somewhat” strong.

    Loved him all his life, since he was a 6 week old puppy (mixed breed, who knows what!!!).

  511. My favorite pet was my Newfoundland, Mizz Tee. I mistakenly left the Easter ham on the counter. Tee found it, I heard the crash and hurried to the kitchen knowing what had happened. I shamed her as she was eating the top corner. She dropped the ham and crossed the kitchen and put herself in the corner, facing into it. Like most Newfs, she was very smart and loyal and a character like her father. When her show career was over she became a house pet and was a charmer.

  512. We have 3 crazy, spoiled pups and 1 cat who thinks she is a dog. Olivia, the youngest Boston Terrier, is our wild woman at just 2 years old and is too cute for her own good. Resembling Gizmo from the Gremlins, her nicknames include Turbo, Psycho, and Bug.

  513. We have 3 cats, Bob, Zazzles, and Circe, and one dog, Bella. Bob rules the roost…he’s in charge!! Zazzles calls to the birds with her chirps, but runs the opposite direction if you open the door. And Circe is our bug catcher…she doesn’t care how high they fly, she goes after them. Bella is our couch potato and is happy to sit in the couch and binge watch shows with you!😆

  514. My favorite dog was our rescue lab Rollo. He was a very gentle dog and was beloved by the family. He had his own bed which the cat frequently took over. He would be distressed because the cat was in his bed, but he would disturb him. He would just inch in as best he could.

  515. my favorite pet is a snow white 100 pound mass of nothing but pure love! He is an Akbash and looks like the Grand Pyrenees, just a hair smaller. His name is buddy and he truly fits.