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Jack Price's Story

Fall Into Me

Previously available as American Diva (Thrillseekers Anonymous series). While guarding a beautiful, high-maintenance pop star, a stuntman wrestles with frustration—and intense desire. Jack Price remembers when Thrillseekers Anonymous specialized in adventures rather than posh parties for super-rich clients. But the pay for coordinating those kinds of shindigs is hard to resist—and so is one of the pop stars. At an extravagant event, Jack’s argument with gorgeous singer Audrey LaRue dissolves into sultry dancing. His rule has always been to keep his work professional and not... Read More »

Stories featuring Jack Price

Lucky Charm

    Lucky Charm features Parker Price, brother of Jack Price from American Diva… Uninhibited radio host Kelly O’Shay loves to take on the egos of overpaid sports stars.  Then she goes after the hot-shot short-stop Parker Price, whose losing streak takes an unexpected turn when he goes head-to-head with his lovely nemisis…on the air and off.

One More Night

Previously available as Extreme Bachelor (Thrillseekers Anonymous series). Five years after a serial dater (and former CIA agent) breaks up with his actress girlfriend, they both end up working on the same movie set—and their bickering quickly rekindles their fiery passion. Michael Raney, a former CIA agent and one of the men behind the extreme sports club Thrillseekers Anonymous, can’t believe his luck. A film studio has just hired his club to oversee their movie stunts. Leading a bevy of beautiful actresses through boot camp... Read More »

All I Need is You

Previously available as Wedding Survivor (Thrillseekers Anonymous series). When a wedding planner’s first gig teams her up with a sexy stuntman, will she crash and burn…or be airlifted to love? Tall, lithe ex-stuntman Eli McCain may speak with a Texas drawl, but this modern-day cowboy prefers hurricane windsurfing to herding cattle. Along with three friends, he cofounded Thrillseekers Anonymous, an extreme sports club that caters to the ultrarich and superfamous. But when the club agrees to stage a huge—and hugely profitable—extreme sports–themed celebrity wedding, Eli... Read More »