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Tobin Scott's Story

The Revenge of Lord Eberlin

Lily Boudine was a girl the last time she was at the English estate of Ashwood, the ward of her Aunt Althea, the countess of Ashwood.  Her memory of that time is dominated by a singular event:  the theft of the famous ruby jewels that had been given by King Henry VIII to the first earl of Ashwood.  Lily happened to see the woodcarver, Mr. Scott, riding away the night the jewels went missing, and only eight years old, testified to that.  Mr. Scott was... Read More »

Stories featuring Tobin Scott

The Seduction of Lady X

The would-be Earl of Ashwood sets his romantic sights on a forbidden prize in the enchanting third novel from Julia London’s addictively sexy new series. The surprising news that dashing steward Harrison Tolly, illegitimate son of the Earl of Ashwood, is the rightful heir to his father’s estate comes at a most inopportune time. With a wedding on the horizon and a baby on the way, a new life of privilege and prestige would be a blessing but for one problem: his heart belongs to... Read More »