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134 thoughts on “June Giveaway!

  1. I enjoy reading about Royalty romance because there are so many restrictions placed upon the royal members. I’m amazed at the stories authors are able to create using or getting around these restrictions. Very creative!

  2. I love reading because it takes me to another place and time. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I enjoy romance/happy ending books because I know there’s bad things in the world…I want to be uplifted…not depressed!!

  4. I blame Disney! Almost every Disney movie I loved as a kid involved marrying a prince of some sort.

  5. A royal romance can sweep you off your feet so quickly. Just love them!

  6. I love royal romances you get to live vicariously, the Darcy stories on Hallmark weren’t really royal but I enjoyed them never the less.

  7. I love Disney Princesses! My favorite is Cinderella ❤️ l married my Prince Charming ❤️

  8. I love to read royal romances. I get so involved in the book that I think I am there

  9. I love reading about royal romances because they seem magical. We know that in real live princes and princesses don’t always live happily ever after, but that’s what’s wonderful about romances – we get a happy ending!

  10. I enjoy reading royal romances because it’s a way to experience something that would never happen to me in real life so it’s a way to “live” through it and just to get away from real life for a while.

  11. Royal romances are fun because accepting the crown is a gift and a curse. Sure you get anything you could ever want, but you have to devote everything you have to it. It adds complex drama and fun to stories!

  12. I’d love to win this prize! I need some new reading material for summer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I have only read a few royal romance novels. But, all those mentioned sound like something I would like to read!

  14. It is everyone’s wish to be out of the ordinary, especially mine. Meeting royalty, when you don’t know they are, falling in love with that person, then find out they are super special. Wow! My type of adventure!

  15. I really really enjoy reading books on romance, especially princess stories. They seem to struggle more finding and trusting their prince. Seeing how they overcome the often self imposed obstacles makes a good read.

  16. I think almost every girl has dreamed of a prince to fall in love with her! I can remember daydreaming of Prince Charles “discovering” me and avowing eternal love!

  17. I’ve watched all of the Hallmark movies based on your stories!

    I enjoy royal romances. I like royals hiding out trying to live ordinary lives. I like to peak into their lives. I wouldn’t crave the attention and lack of privacy they have to endure.

    I love all romances!

  18. Fairytales are what every girl grew up hearing so as an adult it naturally follows that we want to read a grownup fairytale story.

  19. Royal romances are out of the ordinary which is why I love them! Reading them invites me into their fantasy world.

  20. Ive always loved queens and kings and princesses and princes and royalty its just so glamorous the lifestyle and what they wear.

  21. I just love reading about historical times whether romantic, mystery, time travel etc. Occasionally I’ll read contemporary romance, but I didn’t know about Ms. Wilson and her contemporary royal romance. I’m crazy for the Queen and her extended family, so I will try these new and different books.

  22. I love reading royal romances and watching Hallmark movies with secret royals. It’s fun to see how another class of people get along, or not, and the rules they have to follow and obligations to their country and people they are in charge of.

  23. hmm why do i love reading royal romances?? well its complete escapism. the ultimate fairy tale. very

  24. I love these romantic stories because they take me to another place and time and make me dream.

  25. I love Royal romances especially when there is a mistaken identity of the Hero or the Heroine. I’m always intrigued on how the writer is going to develop the story and how the deception is played out. When I was little my first Princess movie was “Cinderella “. From then on I wanted to be swept off my feet by Prince Charming and ride into the sunset. I eventually met my Prince and married him. Thank you so much for this chance of winning your amazing giveaway. ❤👑📚

  26. You can’t go wrong with a royal match! It’s fun to imagine yourself as royalty.

  27. I love how royalty hate their constraints. They want to marry who they want (not other royalty) and they want the freedom to do as they wish (not having to do the responsibilities of running the kingdom).

  28. Doesn’t everyone want to live in a castle, a palace or a beautiful country estate?

  29. Nice to see that Royals can experience love like others & I like to see if there’s a Prince & the Pauper angle

  30. Diana, Princess of Wales is my favorite princess and I respected her for doing a wonderful humanitarian. She is remarkable mother and role model to represent for royal with full of compassion. So any royal romance book will delight me to read.

  31. I love royal romances. I like when there is hidden identities and a fairy tale story. If I can imagine I’m the princess or girl after the prince even better.

  32. I like reading about royal romances because they seem to be more involved and out of the ordinary.

  33. Thanks for writing books that I can share with my 93 year old mother-in-law!

  34. Doesn’t every little girl dream of being a princess? Well, in my case I wanted to be a Queen because I discovered Tudor history at a young age. I love the fashion, the intrigue and the pageantry of a royal romance.

  35. I love royal romances because they transport me to wishful place and get me caught up in all the fanciful things.

  36. I like to read about royal romances and weddings because they are completely out of my lifestyle. I would be pleased to receive your books.

  37. I love reading about royal romances because they make me feel like a little girl again reading fairy tales and I am 68.

  38. Going to admit I don’t think I’ve read a royal romance lately. My favorite romances are Regencies, which are mostly Lord and Lady things. It might be fun, bur so many books, so little time.

  39. I love it when the girl gets her prince & her happily ever after!

  40. It was what every girl dreamed of, being swept off her feet by a Prince! I watched the live version of Cinderella, with Leslie Ann Warren and Stuart Damon.

  41. I love reading any kind of romance. I love happy endings and I agree a royal romance seems like a fairy tale including castles and beautiful clothes.

  42. I like Royal romances because it’s like reading a grown up Disney story.

  43. I love romances because I love books with a happy ending! Enough said!

  44. I love to read about the real Royals and find books on fantasy royals great fun!

  45. Anything royal is just wonderful. Who doesn’t love all of the glitz and glamour? I love living vicariously through those books and find myself as a princess or a duchess. So wonderful!

  46. What girl doesn’t dream of being a Princess. It’s that fairy-tale life that captures your imagination and emotion. To get lost in a Royal romance is a wonderful thing.

  47. I love to read about royal romances because the stories are sometimes like fairytales and something that I will never experience.

  48. Royal Romances are so far away from my every day life. Dream world really.

  49. These sound so fun! I will have to look for Teri’s books when I am out and about now!

  50. Sounds like a great book, can’t wait to read. Never read any 9h her books before.

  51. Disney princesses started me on the whole fairytale love stories. I love the idea of a royal prince and a commoner style romance which is pretty unrealistic (but makes for swoon-worthy reading) but then Prince Harry and Meghan proved me wrong.

  52. Royal Romance books are fairy tales for grown-ups.! I enjoy reading all the pomp and circumstance of royalty — and then then the restraints to a romance with a commoner ….

    Or who you meet at a ball….

    Assigned marriage partners…

    Royal secrets….

  53. I am obsessed with the British Royals and also love romance books, so it’s the best combination. Royal romances (at least in books) always have that comforting happy ending, and offer a little escape since there is usually lots of luxury and glamour.

  54. It’s hard to resist a good story with royalty; especially when there are princesses.

  55. Royal romance is like living a fairytale, so if you can’t really have one of your own, the next best thing is to read about it!

  56. Royal romances are like historical romances total escapism for me. Additionally, I have zero desire to live a Royal life or go back to stay in any historical time period. Visiting is ok.

  57. I’ll read anything and everything…so a lot of times I barely notice the tropes and sometimes the genre.

  58. I love to read them because it is something that works great at escaping and dreaming! I imagine myself in the heroine’s shoes!

  59. I loved watching Cinderella when I was a very little girl. I’ve loved royal romances ever since!

  60. Every girl deserves the chance to live out the life of her inner princess and find the one who’s meant to be her real-life prince.

  61. I think most little girls think about being a princess with beautiful clothes and jewelry and adored by all. It is magical, exotic and romantic. Too bad reality isn’t always that way (a some can).

  62. As a child, I always dreamt of being a princess. I think of these kinds of books as wish fulfillment👸

  63. I have always been fascinated with royalty! I just find it incredibly interesting, maybe because we don’t have a monarchy in the U.S. These books look like something I would enjoy reading.

  64. Reading about royal romances always reminds me of the fairy tales that I read as a kid. It keeps the dream of finding a prince charming alive. I love living vicariously through the characters and stories that I read.

    • Congrats, Juli-ann!
      You’re the winner of this month’s giveaway. My assistant will be reaching out for your mailing info!

  65. I love reading the secret royal romances. The ones where they don’t know that they are royalty. Plus, it reminds me of The Princess Diaries movie with Julie Andrews. You can’t go wrong with Julie Andrews as royalty. 🙂

  66. I think it is because of when I was born. 1958 Prince Charming and fairy tales were the thing for my generation. The 1960s girls were expected to be housewives and homemakers.

    Reading royal romances bring back the flavor of my childhood.
    Thanks for the giveaway chance

  67. I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to be a royal! Please enter me into the giveaway!

    Stay safe!

  68. Royal is something you always wish for and reading about royal is as close as you can get.

  69. I think the appeal of Royals is that they have a different lifestyle from us average citizens and we likd to see someon ordinary become part of that unique lifestyle.

  70. Royal romances are the closest thing to read that’s an updated equivalent of my childhood favorite Cinderella!

  71. I think I just like a royal romance on occasion when I want to read something a little less credible but not in the realm of fantasy. Like.. the idea if people marrying into royalty is possible, we know that, but it’s still highly uncommon and certainly feels less realistic than marrying your average mechanic or whatnot. What I like is how the rom coms are so realistically funny and the more serious ones always know how to sweep you into something on a highly level of decadence than most of us are used to and it’s just fun to winder what it would be like sometimes, if that happened to someone you know. Lol

  72. June is a royal month. And, wouldn’t we all love to be princesses, if even just for a day!

  73. I love all the common to royal stories. I think I’ve seen all the Hallmark stories Teri has written. What a great imagination!

  74. I grew up on Disney and I love it when everything works out for the couple. Royal makes things more interesting.

  75. I love reading Royal romances because i like finding out about the history and fashion and fun about royalty

  76. This book sounds like fun! I love the theme park in Florida that has Princesses! ❤️

  77. I’m so jealous that you got to see the Princess Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace!

  78. I love reading royal romances because they take my mind to another world putting my worries to rest while I read.

  79. I love reading royal romances because it reminds me of reading fairytales where the girl always gets her prince. 🙂