Who Kicks Ass?

ROBYN kicks ass! Congratulations to Robyn, our January IKA (I Kick Ass) winner! Now that we are in the second month of 2013, the enthusiasm of the New Year's Resolution may be waning. Let's work to keep each other motivated and going in whatever goals you have set for yourself this year!  

IKA January Winter Fun

The month filled with New Year's resolutions, cold weather, after effects of too much holiday fun and a whole lot of newly opened gym memberships that won't be used passed March. It's kind of depressing, don't you think? So let's celebrate our awesome January accomplishments and help each other remember our awesome accomplishments! Part of this month I had the flu. It was nasty and horrid and I felt like crap for what seemed like forever. It hit me right after my relay half marathon and knocked

IKA: Year end recap!

This year has been one of many accomplishments, both mentally and physically. Overall, I ran 719 miles and walked Moose 268.72 miles which adds up to 987 miles covered in 2012! I sucked it up and ran my relay half marathon in the rain and even went out when it was cold or rainy and really hot. Okay, so I also skipped a few runs here and there, but overall, I am really

I Kick Ass (IKA) Racing in the Rain edition

I have been neglectful of my duties that occur at the end of the month. While I do have a valid reason (and a shiny new half marathon finishers medal) it still makes me shake my head that I am running late in asking for your stories for how you kicked ass in November! After all, Running for Burgers is a "we" thing and hearing about how we all kicked ass in our own ways helps me remember that I kick ass, too.

IKA (I Kick Ass) Halloween Edition

How were YOU awesome in October? Did you outrun zombies? Resist the onslaught of caramel apples, "fun size" candy and spiced pumpkin lattes? Do enough weight training that you easily hauled that giant jack-o-lantern in the house? Share your stories below and we'll pick one person to be our IKA person!  

I Kick Ass – September

I am running a few days late in putting this up - see what happens when you leave the country for a bit? Each month as part of my Running for Burgers group, I ask that people share how they kicked ass over the month and I select one to receive the coveted burger charm and signed book. Whether chosen as the IKA (I Kick Ass) person of the month, it is a

IKA (I Kick Ass) for August

Wow, this month was a challenge to pick one person - there have been some amazing accomplishments! Because of this, I will admit I had to pick a name at random - everyone kicked ass this month! So without further ado.... Jennifer Cameron, YOU are the IKA person for August! Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! Thanks to everyone who is a part of Running for Burgers. You all help keep me motivated and on track - I hope it is doing the same for you.  

August IKA (I Kick Ass)

August was hot. It was humid. I spent a good portion of it traveling to California and then to Taos where I (at first) attempted to run at 8500 feet. Then my lungs adapted and I was able to enjoy trail running with Moose and not feel like I was going to pass out. Trail running was different. High altitude is always an adjustment. Both took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me a bit. I am hoping it will help me improve and

Who Kicks Ass?

Well, we ALL do, but we wanted to give a special RfB shout-out to Colleen for finding a tool to help motivate her to go from 4 days of working out in June to 15 in July! Oftentimes, finding that little something that inspires you to reach new personal bests is one of the hardest parts of keeping with your workouts and training. Colleen found hers! What are your motivational tools?

I Kick Ass – July edition

It's been hot this month and I have been traveling. And have a slight injury (we're going with "slight" to be optimistic about its recovery) and I have not had the chance to do all I had wanted to do this month, but I am still going to acknowledge that I have done some great, long runs and am learning more all the time about technique, endurance and nutrition. But enough about me -