IKA (I Kick Ass!)

I am a little bit behind schedule at the moment, as I am deep in the deadline waters, but I have finally picked our latest IKA winner! Emma B! Emma had her son almost a year ago and set out to lose her baby weight. She made a plan for exercise and a deadline of his first birthday - then beat that deadline by 3 months! So congratulations to Emma, happy birthday to her son

Bring on the awesome!

Summer has certainly made her presence known with a vengeance in some parts of the country, hasn't she? But even with the heat, we try to persevere and Running for Burgers wants to celebrate that dedication and achievement. So send in everything you want to brag about this month so we can celebrate you and your accomplishments! One person will be selected as the I Kick Ass! person for June and will receive


It's so hot right now, it's important to hydrate properly, even if you're just out walking around.  That means keeping sodium and electrolytes in your body.  In other words, when it is this hot, water alone is not good enough.  I am a big fan of the Nuun tablets.  One tablet works for 20 oz, and they can be broken in half for smaller bottles.  It's sort of like Gatorade, but without all

The All Important Play List

When Moose and I go out for our runs, I have to have music.  Sometimes I need the beat, sometimes I need the company.  But I have a major complaint with the iPod Shuffle, which I wear clipped to my hat or neckline:  the "shuffle" sucks.  It's supposed to play randomly, but in spite of having three days of music stuff on that little one-inch square machine, I hear the same songs over

Getting fit for a cause

If burgers (or your food/drink of choice) are not enough to motivate you, sometimes looking toward a bigger cause can provide that additional little “umph” in setting new goals and challenges. A win/win situation is finding an event to work toward that can motivate you and help others. Want to step it up from the local 5ks or a bike ride around the park? Try thinking bigger: The Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk has events all over the country and raises money for

IKA – I Kick Ass

One of the goals I have for Running for Burgers is to encourage, and even reward, accomplishments for achieving goals and rising to personal challenges. As part of that, the “I Kick Ass” award is something I came up with to give an extra little “high five” to someone each month who has worked hard, or achieved a milestone or done something that deserves a little extra awesomeness sent their way. Without further ado, RfB’s first I Kick Ass (IKA) person is Kim Myers! In addition

Time to Celebrate!

Earlier this month, Running for Burgers was launched as a place where people can get together and chat about their goals and achievements. I’ve been so pleased that so many of you are joining me here, it is inspirational for us all. I want to take a few moments to celebrate meeting our goals this month (and each month after this) by asking you to share with us a goal

Running for Burgers: Off to a Great Start!

We are very pleased with the progress our little corner of the world has made in its inaugural month.  We will be giving away a little inspiration in the next few days.  Be sure and check in for more updates!  In the meantime, keep moving! This week's goal for me: Run 15 miles.  Practice Yoga Twice.  Do. Not. Buy. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

Wear Blue For the Fallen

Wear Blue for the Fallen was brought to my attention by Facebook friend Kim Myers.  On Memorial Day, the organization is asking all runners to wear blue to remember fallen soldiers.  You can pledge a certain number for miles to run for them, too.  Here is a link to the details. I am not running in a race, but I pledged to run five miles in blue for fallen

Weekend in the Sun

I'm off to Corpus Christi this weekend to race in the Beach to Bay Marathon Relay.  My team, (three men, three women, all over a *certain* age), Someday is Now, are defending out first place finish in our division.  Which means, for me, no stopping to chat with the water people.  HA!  Should be a glorious weekend.  I hope you have the same!