Beach to Bay Marathon Relay

You are looking at the winners of the Senior Mixed Masters Division of the Beach to Bay marathon last year.  It was a hard-fought race, one that included a baton hand-off miss fire that cost us 12 minutes.  And still...still...we managed to beat the other team in our division by 45 minutes.  HA!  That's how you win trophies, my friends!  You wait until you are so old

Keeping Score

Have you ever wondered how many miles you ran or walked in a month?  Do you like to keep track of the mileage you put on your shoes or your bike?  Do you like to look a graphs and pie charts of your progress?  Training Peaks is a great software for tracking a variety of physical endeavors (including strength training if that is your thing), as well as diet and equipment.  I find

The Devil

It looks so innocent, doesn't it?  This weekend was a horrible weekend for sweets.  I ate my weight in chocolate chip cookies, then joined my mother and sister and niece in an early Mother's Day brunch at Los Patios in San Antonio.  Los Patios does a buffet-style brunch.  Buffets are the devil in disguise, you know.  Tables and tables laden with food, and there is something about the all-you-can-eat mentality that makes you

It’s a Party! Come be Healthy With Me

I am really excited!   I am, at long last, launching a page for those of us who have come together because we love to read, and who want to be healthy.  I am talking about women who are probably never going to be a cover model.  Who could use some support in reaching their fitness goals, in stepping away from the potato chips, or just like the idea of camaraderie around a