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Keira Hannigan's Story

The Year of Living Scandalously

In 1792, the village of Hadley Green executed a man for stealing the Countess of Ashwood’s historic jewels. Fifteen years later, questions still linger. Was it a crime of greed—or of passion? When Declan O’Connor, Earl of Donnelly, arrives at Hadley Green to meet with Lily Boudine, the new countess of Ashwood, he knows instantly that the lovely woman who welcomes him is not who she pretends to be. In an attempt to avoid an unwanted marriage, Keira Hannigan has assumed her cousin’s identity and... Read More »

Other stories featuring Keira Hannigan

The Christmas Secret

This is a novella about Eireanne O’Conner, the younger sister of Declan O’Conner, (Year of Living Scandalously) , who returns to Ireland to spend Christmas at Ballynaheath.  While there with Declan and Keira, and the pesky twins, Molly and Mabe Hannigan, Eireanne meets an American horseman who captures her attention.  This will be available as an ebook exclusive, for your ereader or computer. For a behind the scenes look at Hadley Green, please visit the Hadley Green scrapbook.

The Revenge of Lord Eberlin

Lily Boudine was a girl the last time she was at the English estate of Ashwood, the ward of her Aunt Althea, the countess of Ashwood.  Her memory of that time is dominated by a singular event:  the theft of the famous ruby jewels that had been given by King Henry VIII to the first earl of Ashwood.  Lily happened to see the woodcarver, Mr. Scott, riding away the night the jewels went missing, and only eight years old, testified to that.  Mr. Scott was... Read More »