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Mared Lockhart's Story

Highlander in Love

Raised to despise the Douglas name, Mared outwardly agrees to the marital bargain for the sake of her family. But secretly, she concocts a plan to ensure Payton will not wish to marry her.  Seeing the handsome, virile laird Payton face-to-face, however, threatens a centuries long enmity--and awakens Mared's deepest desires.  But she will not be swayed.  Choosing to repay her family's debt by working as his housekeeper instead of wedding him, she finds herself inexorably drawn to the man she vowed to resist.  Then

Other stories featuring Mared Lockhart

Highlander in Disguise

Griffin Lockhart holds the key to his family’s fate. Since his brother Liam failed to reclaim the priceless heirloom that could save their ancestral Scottish estate, it’s now up to Grif to find it-among the lords and ladies of fashionable London society. Disguised as a Scottish earl, Grif attend the most glittering balls, hunting for the woman who is rumored to possess the family’s treasure. Along the way he catches the eye of Anna Addison, a highborn young woman whose sharp tongue and even sharper

Highlander Unbound

On leave from his Highland regiment, Captaim Liam Lockhart comes to London on an urgent mission: to repossess the stolen family heirloom that could save his ancestral estate. He never dreamed it would involve surrendering his heart. But the beautiful and scandalous socialite Ellen Farnsworth sets his Highland blood aflame with a will as strong and reckless as his own. Though bound to Liam by a soul-searing passion, duty impels Ellen to commit a terrible betrayal. Now, driven by passion, pride, and vengeance that know no