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Robin Lear's Story

Material Girl

Meet the glamorous Lear family whose dying patriarch has vowed to teach his spoiled, pampered daughters some lessons. Rich, beautiful, sexy-Robin Lear is all that. Until her father tells her he’s dying and demotes her from a cushy job in the family business. In an instant her world has unraveled-she spends a night in jail, works as a lackey to her ex-boyfriend, and is way too distracted by a sexy contractor… Jake Manning has had some tough knocks in life. Now all he wants is... Read More »

Other stories featuring Robin Lear

Beauty Queen

Rebecca, the middle sister of the prominent Lear family, is pretty, privileged, and popular. She even married well. You’d never know it, but the former Miss Texas is a perfectly poised mess. Her marriage is a sham, her life is empty, her friends are shallow…and when her husband leaves her for another woman, her self-esteem is shattered. But she moves to Austin to pick up the pieces, volunteering as a campaign strategist for a family friend… Matt Parrish has a reputation for being a tough... Read More »

Miss Fortune

Rachel is the baby of the Lear family–the dreamer, the one who always has her nose in a romance novel, likes yoga and astrology and counts Ben and Jerry among her closest friends. When her father cuts her off in an effort to launch her into the real world, Rachel is forced to concoct a plan, including losing a few pounds, getting a job…and, with the help of her best friend, a witch, conjuring up a knight in shining armor complete with a British accent... Read More »