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The Secrets of Hadley Green

A series about the secrets of a small village in regency England.  Everyone has a secret, and when one secret is revealed, it seems another secret is uncovered.  Thank you to all who have written to tell me how much you enjoyed The Year of Living ScandalouslyPlease look for the other works in this series, including an e-novella,  The Christmas Secret, which is a holiday story about Declan’s sister Eireanne.

Don’t miss The Revenge of Lord Eberlin, a full length novel that picks up after the stunning conclusion in Year of Living Scandalously.  Lily and Tobins’ story is available now!  And coming very soon,  The Seduction of Lady XThe secrets revealed in The Revenge of Lord Eberlin are answered in this  third novel in the Secrets of Hadley Green series.

Last but not least comes The Last Debutante.  Daria Babcock feels perilously close to being put on the shelf.  She fears she will be stuffed away in a manor house watching her parents futz with their orchids.  So when an opportunity presents itself to go to Scotland, she jumps at the chance.  But she never bargained for the mysterious, naked stranger or to step into the middle of a clan feud in this fourth full-length novel in the Secrets of Hadley Green series.

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The Year of Living Scandalously
The Christmas Secret
The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
The Seduction of Lady X
The Last Debutante