Who Kicks Ass?

ROBYN kicks ass! Congratulations to Robyn, our January IKA (I Kick Ass) winner! Now that we are in the second month of 2013, the enthusiasm of the New Year's Resolution may be waning. Let's work to keep each other motivated and going in whatever goals you have set for yourself this year!  

I Kick Ass – September

I am running a few days late in putting this up - see what happens when you leave the country for a bit? Each month as part of my Running for Burgers group, I ask that people share how they kicked ass over the month and I select one to receive the coveted burger charm and signed book. Whether chosen as the IKA (I Kick Ass) person of the month, it is a

Bring on the awesome!

Summer has certainly made her presence known with a vengeance in some parts of the country, hasn't she? But even with the heat, we try to persevere and Running for Burgers wants to celebrate that dedication and achievement. So send in everything you want to brag about this month so we can celebrate you and your accomplishments! One person will be selected as the I Kick Ass! person for June and will receive

Time to Celebrate!

Earlier this month, Running for Burgers was launched as a place where people can get together and chat about their goals and achievements. I’ve been so pleased that so many of you are joining me here, it is inspirational for us all. I want to take a few moments to celebrate meeting our goals this month (and each month after this) by asking you to share with us a goal