The Duke Not Taken

The Duke Not Taken

A Royal Match, Book 2

Historical Romance
September 27, 2022
ISBN: 978-1335498205

Ever since her sister became queen two years ago, Amelia Ivanosen, Princess of Wesloria, has been flirting and skirting scandal—just barely. Before she does anything too outlandish, she is sent to England and Lila Alexander, illustrious matchmaker to the ton, is recruited. Respectably ensconced at the country estate of a family friend, Amelia is introduced to many eligible bachelors, but…there is no spark. There never seems to be unless the man is completely wrong for her.

Next door lives Joshua Parker, Duke of Marley, who is grumpy and reclusive—for good reason. His first wife died in childbirth. When Marley is dragged by a friend to his neighbor’s soiree, he and Amelia instantly dislike each other. Their banter is snarky and heated. He’s a stuck-up smarty-pants; she’s a self-involved, annoying princess.

Sparks fly when they’re together—fireworks actually—but they loathe each other. Really. So why can’t they stop thinking about each other?

A Royal Match

Lady Lila Aleksander is the pre-eminent matchmaker in all of Europe. The skill comes to her naturally, born out of necessity after her star turn one Season as the most sought-after debutante in all of London London. But when her parents’ scandal made her suddenly the most un-marriable woman in all of England, Lila decided she would have to take matters matters into her own hands. She devised and implemented her own match, and for the last eighteen years she’s been happily married to a Danish prince.

Other notable figures wanted what Lila managed to arrange for herself, and over the years she’s become the matchmaker to Europe’s elite. But she’s more interested in matchmaking people who, for whatever reason, are denied the chance to marry the one they want and deserve. Society is cruel to people who don’t fit a mold. Lila’s style of matchmaking requires finesse: it works best when the parties don’t know they are being matched.

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